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AYR Beats Disposables

AYR says smokers can ditch the disposables with their sustainable reinvention of the vape

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AYR says smokers can get a breath of fresh AYR by ditching the disposables with their “sustainable reinvention of the vape”. The company says its system offers a sustainable solution to the environmental problems caused by single-use disposable products.

AYR was founded by award-winning British industrial designer Ian Murison, the product of a personal project to help people transition off cigarettes. As an ex-smoker, Ian knew how hard the journey would be and designed the device that he would have wanted to help him quit.

Ian says he saw a plethora of products with underlying problems when researching the e-cigarette market. He believed he had the skills to develop a product that solved these issues, with a simple, elegant, sustainable solution that users would love. And so, after 8 years of research, design and development in the UK, AYR was born.

AYR believes it offers an innovative, smart, and sustainable system that can successfully help users transition away from combustible cigarettes. AYR claims to be a more environmentally friendly solution, as the plastic filters found in pre-rolled cigarettes are a cause of single-use plastic pollution. Meanwhile, the rise of single-use vape products are becoming a new iteration of single-use plastic waste. Disposable vapes also make up a considerable portion of the lithium-ion batteries that end up in landfills.

AYR was built on the belief that we can create better, safer, smarter, and more sustainable vaping products,” it says.

Hundreds of thousands of disposable vapes are thrown away each day in the UK alone. These vapes contain a combination of harmful plastics and valuable metals, which all end up in landfills. This is not only harmful to the environment, but is also a huge waste of valuable resources that can be used to make electric cars, and other planet-saving products.

“There’s no denying that disposable vapes are popular thanks to their convenience. But what if we told you there was an even more convenient vape alternative that was hassle-free, mess-free, and more environmentally friendly?”

AYR’s smart system delivers:

  • Portability
  • Functionality
  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Reusability

AYR system’s main material is polished aluminium, which gives it a premium finish, whilst AYR’s refill and recharge system is more environmentally friendly than both prefilled pod devices and disposable vapes.

Disposal of lithium-ion batteries after just one use is incredibly wasteful, as these batteries are normally designed to be used at least 300 times. That’s why, unlike with disposable vaping products, AYR’s charging case enables you to automatically recharge the built-in lithium-ion battery. Only taking three hours to recharge fully, the portable charging lasts for up to 5 days before needing to be charged again.

The AYR vaporiser can then be placed in the case and recharged in just 30 minutes – the user-friendly technology here is similar to portable phone chargers and wireless headphones. That means less batteries are being manufactured, transported around the world and then discarded after a single use.

AYR e-liquid capsules come in two strengths 10mg/ml and 20mg/ml. Using higher strength nicotine can lead to less vaping, as cravings are satisfied; the result is using less vapour to get the same amount of nicotine.

AYR is a cost-effective alternative to disposable pod systems. Our liquids only cost £1 per ml, which will save you money in the long run. The refillable technology in the AYR system also means less plastic e-liquid capsules end up in landfill. A single pod of AYR e-liquid lasts up to 2 weeks or 3500 puffs.

Every time the user finishes vaping, they simply insert the vaporiser back into the case and the case automatically pumps e-liquid into the refillable tip. On average it takes only 35 seconds to refill the tip to full. At the same time, the vaporiser is charged and user data that’s stored in the vaporiser is securely downloaded into the portable case. When the vaporiser is ejected from the portable case it is full and ready to go.

The portable case can then be placed into the WiFi dock, which takes the user data and safely sends it to the AYR mobile app. This is where users can easily keep track of their vape usage, helping them cut back on their nicotine intake conveniently & sustainably.


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