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New Alternative to Disposables

The Alchemists Cupboard has launched an alternative to disposable vapes: Pixie Juice

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The Alchemists Cupboard has launched a new alternative to disposable vapes: Pixie Juice. The appeal of the disposable is clear, and the sector has undergone rapid growth since it was created, but Alchemists Cupboard believes that Pixie Juice offers many benefits over disposables for new users.

The Alchemists Cupboard’s Barry Caine told us: “Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year or so, you must have seen the absolute explosion of disposable vape devices taking the world by storm. It seems like you can't go into a vape shop, corner shop or garage without being face-to-face with an absolute boatload of them. And we get it. The appeal is clear. They're relatively affordable, they're as easy to use as they come, and most of all, they taste good.

“There are downsides to these devices though. First and foremost, would be the environmental impact of a 'disposable' device. By nature, a lithium battery of the kind you find in your favourite disposable isn't all that disposable. In fact, the batteries in those devices are by design rechargeable many times. If you think about it, the waste is astronomical.

“The second downside is the juice itself. Did you know that most disposables aren't even empty when that little blinking light starts flashing and your battery is dead? You're literally throwing away perfectly good vape juice every time your battery dies.

“The third downside, and possibly the most important if you put it into the wider context of the mess we're currently living in, the cost.

“Let's say you pay £5 per day for your disposable of choice. That's £35 per week for the equivalent of 14ml of e-liquid. That is an astronomical cost. The value Pixie Juice offers compared to disposables, is the real appeal factor. Most disposables contain just 2ml of E-Liquid, these bottles contain 60ml! That’s the equivalent of 30 disposable bars, all for just £8.99.”

It was these facts that drove the team at The Alchemist's Cupboard to design their new juice line to fill the gap between the hobbyist vaper and the daily disposable user. The result: Pixie Juice.

Barry Caine says the new juice is crafted using only the finest quality ingredients, and “featuring some of the most intense and exquisite flavours you're likely to find in the e-cigarette market, Pixie juice is here to provide you with flavours as vivid and vibrant as any disposable, but at a fraction of the cost and environmental impact.”

The Alchemists Cupboard has provided several options when it comes to buying your Pixie Juice.

Barry continued: “The two most popular would be the shortfill and the longfill. Those terms might seem confusing but they are really quite simple.

“Shortfill - A 60ml bottle of eliquid filled up with 50ml of your favourite flavour in 0mg of nicotine. If you wish your juice to contain nicotine, you can simply remove the nib from the bottle, add a single nicotine shot, shake and then vape. These are designed for the DTL (Deep-to-lung vapers) that operate generally at 3mg with a higher VG proportion. PIXIE JUICE SHORTFILL - The Alchemists Cupboard

“Longfill - A 60ml bottle containing nothing but the concentrated flavouring needed. Again, you simply remove the nib of your bottle and add your nicotine shots. This time however, with a longfill you can add more than a single nicotine shot, meaning you can make the nicotine content higher, at either 3mg – 6mg – 9mg – 12mg. Therefore, giving you total control of the amount of nicotine your liquid contains, along with the possibility of reducing your nicotine intake over time. Something which isn’t viable with many disposables vapes. These are designed for the MTL (Mouth-to-lung vapers), the same as disposables are. PIXIE JUICE LONGFILL E-LIQUIDS - The Alchemists Cupboard

“When your products arrive, all you need to do is simply add everything to the longfill bottle, shake, then vape. No measuring. No weighing. Nothing.

“Now, we know what you're thinking. How does this liquid differ than any other on the market, right? Well, you know how intense the flavour hit can be when you open a brand new disposable? That's because, generally speaking, disposables have a much higher concentration of flavour than standard liquid. This is to make up for the relatively low power of the disposable device. This is something that Pixie Juice has emulated perfectly. You won't find another liquid on the market that has anywhere close to the level of lip-smacking flavour that Pixie Juice has, not even your favourite disposable, and for a fraction of the price too.

“These are also presented in DIY format, enabling the home mixer to sample the same flavours, customising them to their preferred levels, as for most DIY vapers, disposables vapes, goes totally against the grain of what they are trying to achieve. Available as a 30ml One-Shot Concentrate or a 250ml Bottle Shot concentrates. Pixie Juice Super Shot Concentrates - The Alchemists Cupboard.”

The range is out now, with the initial line up featuring flavours like Blueberry Sour Raspberry, Apple Peach, Watermelon Ice, Strawberry Ice and the fan favourite Kiwi, Passionfruit, Guava.

The team at The Alchemist's Cupboard are sure that you'll easily find something you love. Plus, there are more flavours on the way very soon, with Blue Razz Lemonade & Pineapple Peach Mango due for release on the 12th August 2022. Be sure to keep an eye on all new releases on their website.

Don’t’ forget that there is an exclusive code for POTV users, use code POTV10 at checkout for an additional 10% off anything!

Barry concludes: “Don't just take our word for how good they are though. Search for Pixie Juice on your social media, you'll be presented with review after review from people raving about this product line.”


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