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Planet of the Vapes introduced regular news coverage to its services for vapers – something that has been highly praised and lifted awards

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Planet of the Vapes began as a forum for the disenfranchised following the temporary closure of UK Vapers. Following demands from our new members, PotV remained – and grew into being the largest online vape forum in Europe. Over time we expanded services to our members and introduced the first, dedicated, award-winning vape news service and newsletter.

The news section kicked off in 2014 with a warning from a new study by Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos that indicated anti-smoker and anti-vaper activists were doing a good job at spreading misinformation – a refrain that has been repeated many times over the intervening 8 years. Through his diligence and desire to expand our knowledge of vaping, Dr Farsalinos’ work has been frequently discussed by PotV News.

Professor Stanton Glantz also featured in the piece, a man who has resolutely refused to engage in honest debate or acknowledge the supportive independent evidence that has amassed over the years. Vaping’s bête noir has ploughed a sponsored line of fabricating results to support nonsensical claims, culminating in PotV News announcing one of his papers had been retracted and the ongoing coverage of his disgusting acts of sexual harassment.

The introduction of PotV News accompanied wholesale changes for the website. Owner Toby Kilroy said: “We have been serving the vaping community since July 2012 and are proud to have helped so many people with their quest to leave smoking behind and to have given great advice to hundreds of thousands of people who are looking for support in their journey through vaping.

“The site has grown faster than we could possibly have imagined when it was first launched and this is a testament to its readers and the moderators and admins who have worked on the site. Together we are an amazing community and that is why we have been working hard to implement changes to the site. Vaping is all about community and we want to make it even easier for all to participate in the site.”

It's not all be serious going, satire featured from time to time too.

We looked at an instructional booklet telling the truth about the great vape danger in “Protect and Duck and Cover and Survive”. And, for those who have successfully been warned off vaping, we provided the ultimate guide in how to escape the clutches of vape juice in “Vaping Harm Reduction”.

Over the last eight years we have looked at the heroes and villains of vape advocacy, great research, laughably poor negative studies, companies being taken to court, adverts being slammed, and documented the growth of an industry that began in our collected kitchens and garden sheds.

The work we’ve put in to developing this section paid off with recognition from organisations and event manager as we were appointed a media partner to the UKVIA forum, the Global Forum for Nicotine, and the ENDS conference. No wonder we have received multiple nominations and lifted awards.

The world of electronic cigarettes has changed so much and, whatever the future holds, Planet of the Vapes will continue to bring you all the vape and tobacco harm reduction news that matters.

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Dave Cross

Journalist at POTV
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Dave is a freelance writer; with articles on music, motorbikes, football, pop-science, vaping and tobacco harm reduction in Sounds, Melody Maker, UBG, AWoL, Bike, When Saturday Comes, Vape News Magazine, and syndicated across the Johnston Press group. He was published in an anthology of “Greatest Football Writing”, but still believes this was a mistake. Dave contributes sketches to comedy shows and used to co-host a radio sketch show. He’s worked with numerous vape companies to develop content for their websites.

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