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Posted 29th July 2022 by Dave Cross
British American Tobacco (BAT) has published its new science and Innovation update, featuring the Vuse product and its latest news on tobacco harm reduction. The latest Science Update is a special edition focusing on Vuse – the leading global vaping brand - and BAT’s recently completed innovative cross-sectional study.

BAT says it strongly believes that generating robust, relevant and accessible scientific research is important to continue building consumer understanding and confidence in alternative tobacco and nicotine products.

Despite the growing evidence and support from public health bodies for alternative tobacco and nicotine products, many consumers are still not aware that these products are a better alternative than smoking,” the organisation says.

The most recent Science Update focuses on the Vuse cross-sectional study, which is designed to assess and provide insights into the real-world health impact of vaping.

The study compares measures for certain biomarkers of potential harm from Vuse consumers who have been using the product for over six months with the results from smokers, former smokers and never smokers.

BAT says its study will provide further important data for the growing evidence base for the reduced-risk potential of Vuse, and the full set of findings are due to be published later this year.

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Dr Sharon Goodall, BAT’s Head of Regulatory Science, said: “Our consumers want information that is easy-to-understand, accessible and reliable. To deliver this we must start with research and generate data that can then be shared with regulators, public health bodies and consumers.

“We believe that the innovative and ground-breaking research we are doing across our portfolio plays a critical role in creating understanding and confidence.  This is why our regular Science Updates are so important.”

The release came at the same time as the company launched its glo™ hyper X2 heated tobacco device in Tokyo.

Kingsley Wheaton, Chief Marketing Officer at BAT, said: “The launch of glo™ hyper X2 - our newest, state-of-the-art heated tobacco product - marks another key milestone in our transformation as we build the brands of our future. Since launching our first glo™ product in Japan in 2016, we have built glo™ into a billion-dollar global brand through our deep consumer insights, science and innovation.

“Our multi-category portfolio offers the industry’s widest choice of scientifically substantiated, less risky and enjoyable products for adult smokers who are looking to switch. This is a further big step in accelerating our transformation into a consumer products business that defines itself by the consumer needs that we meet, rather than the products we sell.”

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