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Posted 12th July 2022 by Dave Cross
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Riot E-liquid have capitalised on the recent disturbance in the UK government by appealing for a minister to work for them to promote vaping to the World Health Organisation. Addressing Sajid Javid directly, Riot have pleaded with him to apply to support their goal of achieving a smoke-free world.

Last week, Javid resigned from Boris Johnson’s administration and was replaced by former chief of staff Steve Barclay.

Barclay said: “It is an honour to take up the position of Health and Social Care Secretary. Our NHS and social care staff have showed us time and again - throughout the pandemic and beyond - what it means to work with compassion and dedication to transform lives.”

Steve Barclay has a history of being resistant to more spending on the NHS.

Following this, appearing on Riot’s Twitter and Linkdn accounts, a message said: “NEW ROLE ALERT!

“We're hiring a HEAD OF PUBLIC HEALTH to support the use of e-cigarettes and help achieve a smoke-free world. One for you @sajidjavid #publichealth #smokefree #ecigarette”.

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The advert addresses Mr Javid directly and says: “We know you’re now jobless after leaving that jobsworth. The timing is perfect. Riot Labs are hiring for an exciting new role to help achieve a smoke-free world. The e-cigarette industry’s first ever Head of Public Health.”

Referencing the recent events in Downing Street, Riot continues: “We know you don’t back Boris but you do back e-cigarettes as a means to quit smoking so you’re the perfect man for the job.”

Riot lists out the job spec:

  • A figurehead with an actual backbone to campaign for e-cigarettes in the UK and International markets
  • Experience in developing and implementing strategies to achieve a smoke-free world by 2030
  • A willingness to expose more liars and leverage your contacts at the WHO to change their anti e-cigarette stance and policy
  • Oversee Riot Labs quit smoking campaign including the Riot Rehab Bus tour and out unique R.I.O.T. 4-step quit smoking plan

The lucky successful candidate will apparently waltz away with “enough [salary] to purchase golden wallpaper like Boris and Carrie”, plus travel expenses and dental cover.

Are you thinking of applying?

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