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Posted 7th June 2022 by Dave Cross
Aquios Labs has announced that it has launched “the world’s first water-based vape product”. It says this will feature a ground-breaking water-based e-liquid and predicts it will “take the U.K. vape market by storm”. Despite it being a disposable vape product, the advent of water-based technology might indicate a shift for e-liquid production at large.

Aquios Labs says it has invested £3 million in its “ground-breaking water-based vape product” and celebrates that it is “the first of its kind in the world”.

Aquios is aiming to establish itself as “a major presence in the highly competitive convenience and specialist retail vape market, as well as on petroleum forecourts and in cash & carries.

The product launch of Aquios Bar took place at the UK Vaper Expo in Birmingham, and the company says this is “the first of many product innovations targeted for investment by the company”.

The key advantage of a water-based e-liquid system claimed by Aquios is that “it addresses issues such as throat irritation that have tended to put off smokers or have led to vapers return to smoking.”

The disposable is being brought to the market by Innokin, a manufacturer with a history of producing good quality products that are more environmentally sound than disposables.


Members of the Planet of the Vapes forum who attended the UK Vaper Expo expressed their unhappiness with the volumes of disposable products on display this year.

Last year, Planet of the Vapes announced that it would not take advertising for disposable products. It is continuing to carry news stories on devices. The reasoning is based in most manufacturers not utilising recycled components and not having a comprehensive recycling policy in place.

This product is of interest to the wider community due to the development of Aquios Labs being able to use a 30% water mix in the eliquid.

Previous attempts by the industry to create water-based vaping, have encountered leaking and flooding problems, owing to water being very much less viscous than PG and VG.  This issue has been compounded by the fact that adding more wicking to the coil to stop leaking has resulted in the frequent occurrence of dry hits.”

Aquios says it has solved this problem, delivering “a smoother vapour, faster satisfaction and cleaner flavour profiles, as well as a reduction in the sensation of dry mouth” for the consumer.

Currently, Aquios has said that the product is more environmentally friendly than other disposables as “it uses fewer carbon-intensive materials and the component parts can be disassembled for recycling afterwards.”

It should be noted that being able to be disassembled for recycling isn’t the same as having a collection and disassembly service ensuring the devices are recycled.

A spokesperson said: “The launch of our water-based vape product has received a lot of interest in the retail markets because it goes where vapes have not gone before, taking user experience to a whole new level. Innovation is the name of the game at Aquios, which is reflected in our debut water-based technology, a world first.

“Vaping has been one of the most disruptive markets this century, but it is still a young industry. Therefore, there is significant scope for continuous innovation as the category evolves, particularly in consumer experience, optimisation of harm reduction and making vaping much more climate friendly.

“We want to become the innovator of choice for responsible retailers, OEMs and brand owners and to continue the revolution that is vaping so that we can support a smoke free future.”


What Planet of the Vapes members will want to hear are the plans Innokin and Aquios have for recycling and protecting the environment from single use plastics.

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