POTV News Wins 2022 Award

Posted 9th May 2022 by Dave Cross
Every day, the little news moles at POTV Towers are busy beavering away, mining mixed metaphors, knocking down the walls of evidence, and opening up the windows of truth on all matters tobacco, harm, and reduction. Thursday was a day like any other. Except it wasn’t because it was completely different to other ones as the Planet of the Vapes news moles were awarded with the title of Best Vaping News Platform in 2022, as part of the UK Enterprise Awards.

Planet of the Vapes News was nominated as part of the 6th annual UK Enterprise Awards 2022 within the wider category of News and Blogs. The Awards are coordinated by SME News, a digital publication aimed at those who own, run, or assist in the running of small and medium-sized businesses within the UK.

Director of Planet of the Vapes Limited, Toby Kilroy was “delighted” that our coverage of news events in the vaping and tobacco harm reduction sector has been recognised in the wider SME environment. He issued a “massive well done” to the news team, telling them they’re “setting the world on fire at the moment!”

SME News says: “In the face of unprecedented hardship and uncertainty, UK business owners have demonstrated the upmost dedication and innovation in the ways that they have not only adapted but weathered the COVID-19 storm to ensure the survival of their businesses. The UK Enterprise Awards honours the leading SME’s, whatever their size, across the UK.”

Toby went on the record saying: “Winning the award is recognition of our hard work and success in covering topical subjects and providing essential information to our newsletter subscribers and website visitors.”

SME News adds: “This prestigious programme is open to any business trading in the United Kingdom that identifies as a small to medium-sized enterprise. The UK Enterprise Awards are judged purely on merit. In order to determine our worthy winners, our in-house research team carefully analyse the information that is available both online and in the public domain as well as any materials supplied by nominees. Additionally, nominees are provided the opportunity to prepare a short case file disclosing details of their chosen business sector and practice, as well as any previous accolades awarded.”


 Dave Cross
Article by Dave Cross
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