WVA Advisory Board Expands

Posted 12th April 2022 by Dave Cross
The World Vapers’ Alliance announced today a new member of its advisory board. Co-founder of Vaping Saved My Life South Africa, Kurt Yeo, will help strengthen the voice of the Alliance and bring additional expertise, ensuring that the WVA continues to fulfil its important mission of representing the voices of vapers around the globe.

The World Vapers’ Alliance says it “amplifies the voice of passionate vapers worldwide and empowers them to make a difference in their communities. The alliance partners with 26 groups representing vapers worldwide and represents individual vapers.”

Kurt Yeo is the co-founder of Vaping Saved My Life. Kurt left a 16-year career in information systems to start a business in the nascent vape industry. As vaping became popular, growing negative press followed, so Kurt co-founded Vaping Saved My Life in 2017 as a testimonial portal for ex-smokers turned vapers to share their stories of how vaping had changed their lives.

In 2019, Kurt decided to leave the commercial aspects of vaping and dedicate his time to educating, promoting, and addressing misinformation around electronic nicotine delivery products. With the loss of both his Mother and Father due to smoking-related diseases, Kurt lives by the motto, “The most important Vaper is the smoker that hasn’t switched.”

Co-founder of Vaping Saved My Life South Africa, Kurt Yeo, commented: “In 2019, I decided to dedicate my time to educating, promoting, and addressing misinformation around vaping. While many politicians are pushing for more regulation of the products vaping saves lives, and science proves it. Consumers must be heard, and the World Vapers’ Alliance enables them to raise their voices. It is my pleasure to contribute to the great work of the World Vapers’ Alliance in this mission.”

World Vapers’ Alliance Director Michael Landl added: “I am delighted to welcome Kurt to our advisory board. I am convinced that he will staunchly support our efforts to defend vaping and vapers everywhere. Kurt comes from South Africa, where he established a tremendously powerful and efficient local vaping advocacy group - Vaping Saved My Life. I am looking forward to working even closer with Kurt.”


Besides Michael Landl and Kurt Yeo, the advisory board members include:

  • Prof Bernd Mayer, Scientific Advisor. Bernhard Mayer is a professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University of Graz in Austria.
  • Brian Marlow, Legalise Vaping Australia. Brian Marlow is the Executive Director for the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance and the Director of Legalise Vaping Australia. He heads the campaign to legalise life-saving vaping technology in Australia.
  • Carmine Canino, ANPVU Italy. Carmine Canino is the president of ANPVU Italy: Associazione Nazionale Consumatori Vaporizzatori Personali
  • Andrew Urushadze, Former Health Minister of Georgia. Andrew Urushadze is a former Minister of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia (2010-2012) and health and social policy expert with more than 25 years of experience.

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