Geek Bar Joins UKVIA

Posted 16th December 2021 by Dave Cross
Geek Bar has been receiving guidance from, and working closely with, the UKVIA for some time and is delighted to announce it has formalised this cooperation by joining the UK’s leading trade association for the vaping market. As a relative newcomer to the UK market, Geek Bar is based in China and has been consulting with the UKVIA for assistance and clarity on regulatory matters and cooperation on compliance issues.

Allen Yang, Chief Executive at Geek Bar, said: “The UK is the most important market for GEEKBAR, and we are seeking to grow our brand and business successfully in a responsible, sustainable and compliant manner, while getting ourselves fully involved in the development and positive promotion of the vape industry. We quickly realised that the UKVIA is the leading trade association in the UK and I am immensely proud to be approved for membership.

By working closely with this trade body over recent months, we have been able to access to wealth of compliance assistance, local industry knowledge, market insights and regulatory support in the UK market. We also seek to protect and regulate our brand and business in the British market with a positive contribution to the UK vape industry”.

John Dunne, Director-General of the UKVIA, said: “We are glad to welcome Geekbar to the UKVIA. As the UK’s largest trade body representing the entire sector, we are committed to raising standards and compliance. We have been working closely with Geekbar’s CEO Allen Yang and his team to provide guidance and support and have been impressed by the commitment they have shown to address some of the issues they have encountered recently”.

Geek Bar recently launched a campaign to combat counterfeit vaping products, publishing a list of approved UK distributors as well as working with police to close 11 counterfeit factories in China in recent months. It says over 100,000 vapes, destined for the UK market, have been seized. Geek Bar also states it is working closely with regulators and trading standards in the UK to identify and seize non-compliant and counterfeit products. Before the end of the year, Geek Bar plans to launch redesign packaging to help distinguish the legitimacy of its products and to avoid any confusion about its adult target market.

Consumers and retailers can check the authenticity of products by verifying the security code at Retailers and distributors can also report suspected counterfeit and non-compliant products at [email protected] and the company is incentivising retailers to report counterfeits or products that do not comply with UK regulations.


Planet of the Vapes is still waiting for the news about Geek Bar’s plans to address the recyclability of its products. Vapers on the forum have expressed their strong concern about the volume of single-use plastic waste that are being dumped into landfill sites.

 Dave Cross
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