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Posted 5th October 2021 by Dave Cross
The TCF Group, parent company of 888 Vapour and Juice Sauz Manufacturing, has told Planet of the Vapes about its responsible approach to recycling and sustainability. It has been busy introducing several green schemes across the organisation to help minimise its impact on the planet.

TCF told us: “Back in August, we introduced battery and vape recycling bins in all our 888 Vapour retail stores across the midlands. We're encouraging our customers to pop in and recycle all their dead batteries, old kits and disposable vapes to help reduce their impact on landfills and the environment. On top of this, we engaged with our customers throughout Zero Waste Week 2021 by encouraging them to make greener vaping choices, which you can read here.

The company contacted Planet of the Vapes following last week’s articles about disposable vapes. It continued: “We've also been encouraging our customers to switch from disposable vapes by pushing our reusable vape kits and discussing the economic benefits of using them with high-quality e-liquids. As well as being bad for the environment, disposables can get pricey. They’re also earning themselves a bad reputation thanks to the thousands of illegal devices entering the country, so now’s the time to switch.

We work hard to recycle as much as we can across all our facilities. This means we use recyclable packaging and bottles wherever possible, plus we recycle all our wooden pallets, paper, suitable plastic, and cardboard. We work with Biffa to ensure all our waste is disposed of correctly and safely, and we hope to improve our system to make us even greener moving forward.

“We also offer all our colleagues a Cycle2Work scheme, encouraging our team to swap their cars for bikes to reduce our commuting emissions.”

The good news from TCF doesn’t stop there. In order to minimise the company’s impact on the environment it has formed a partnership with tree planting and carbon offsetting company Ecologi.


We joined Ecologi earlier this year, and it’s a scheme designed to help businesses and individuals offset their carbon footprint through tree-planting and cleanup initiatives. Our membership with them means that each of our employees' impact on the environment is completely negated, including home emissions, personal and business travel, holidays, food and more. We've been partnered with Ecologi for 4 months, and so far, 2061 trees have been planted in our own forests in Mozambique and Madagascar.”

In conclusion, TCF said: “We know we still have work to do, but we're working hard to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible, including in our production lines and waste disposal. We hope to be able to offer fully recyclable e-liquid containers soon, and we’re working hard to reduce our use of single-use plastic across the company.”

Is your company working to reduce its impact on the environment or taking a novel approach to disposable vapes? Contact our news team and tell us all about it.


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