VApril: Win By Switching To Vaping

Posted 7th April 2021 by Dave Cross
John McFadden from Southampton proved that there’s more than one way to win by switching from smoking to electronic cigarettes this VApril. The meat delivery man also pocketed £1 million on a National Lottery Scratchcard when he stopped off at his local shop to stock up on a new vape.

According to his local newspaper, the East London and West Essex Guardian, McFadden purchased his vape to help him quit smoking and was left with some change that he used to buy the Scratchcard.

The 63-yr-old told them(1): “I knew I had to do something about my smoking. With the change from buying the vape, I bought a Scratchcard and took it home. When I started scratching it off, it said £50,000 under the first number and I thought ‘whoopee!’. I carried on and just kept seeing more and more £50,000s. I thought it was a lot but didn’t know what to believe.”

He phoned the National Lottery claim line to check his winning ticket.

I was just stunned when they said I had in fact actually won £1 million and that I was a millionaire – I couldn’t believe it was real. After my divorce, my children moved to Weymouth so now they and my grandkids all live there. I see them as much as I can but am often away driving the van.

“Having a base close to them will mean I can see them all so much more. Hopefully, the bar and hot tub I plan to have in my new back garden will also mean more fun family time. I’m not planning to give up work – I’m nowhere near retirement age. But I do work long hours so cutting back a bit will help me to spend more time with family.”


VApri(2)l is an event organised by the UK Vaping Industry Association(3). The annual event has moved online this year and seeks to give support to current smokers by providing them with facts about vaping and support to help them quit tobacco.

To help smokers who are seeking somewhere that sells products to help them switch, the UK Vaping Industry Association has produced a search section on the VApril website(4).

Independent researchers have provided evidence showing that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking, with some saying it approaches 99%. So, switching from cigarettes to vapes this VApril is a guaranteed win for your health – even if we can’t guarantee you will become a millionaire too.


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