FEELM Signposts A Berry Different Future

Posted 3rd February 2021 by Dave Cross
FEELM’s recent Media Day unveiled an enthusiastic pursuit for the true taste of fresh California strawberries and heralded a new future for the company and the world. The quest for a finer taste sensation reveals a future that is going to be fully automated from design to final quality control.

During the media day, FEELM released information about the industry’s first Taste Evaluation Model and unveiled the FEELM Taste Scientific Research Institute. They spoke about the quest to enthusiastically replicate the taste of the freshness of California strawberries at 6 am in the morning and something referred to as “Marching into an Era of Long-Termism”.

Strawberry is one of those flavours that is really difficult to replicate. In fact, members of the Planet of the Vapes forum have recently been discussing the very thing [link].

FEELM says that according to research conducted by Frost & Sullivan, interviewing 3000 Chinese vapers, “Taste” is a key factor for consumers to choose e-cigarettes. In terms of specific evaluation indexes, comprehensive sensation of taste, aroma and vapor rank top three accounting for 66%, 61% and 50% respectively.

Belonging to the world’s largest vaping company Smoore, FEELM is a heating technology brand specialising in ceramic coils. These coils are the secret to driving leading closed pod system sales worldwide.

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According to Frank Han, CEO of FEELM, the team’s devotion to continuous improving the taste of e-cigarettes originated from an experienced client’s questions: “How’s the taste of California strawberries at 6am?”, “What’s the difference between it and that of refrigerated ones?”, and “Could FEELM ceramic coils bring back the taste of California strawberry at 6am with flavoured e-liquid?”

FEELM conducted a series of studies to develop a scientific system to cultivate great tastes for vapers around the world. Smoore set up several research institutes in China and overseas. As a consequence, over 700 technical experts have applied more than 2,000 international patents.

Over 75% of the research coming from these institutes are related to understanding and improvement of the taste of atomisation. To build on this, Smoore has forged partnerships with Tongji University, Tsinghua University and Princeton University.

Frank Han, Dr Zhang from Tongji University, and co-founder of RELX Mr. Wen unveiled FEELM Taste Scientific Research Institute together. The institute will focus on the background study and harm reduction building from new perspectives such as biomedicine and artificial intelligence.

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It seems incongruous to be focussing on switching an industry to be AI driven in a nation replete with an abundance of human resources, but they clearly see taste as something that can be coded and then replicated without human error.

The machines need to learn from human experiences, so to further study the science FEELM has established a professional taste evaluation team working within the Taste Evaluation Lab.

The process breaks the sensation of taste into 4 dimensions: flavour, strength, note and vapor. This is subdivided into 51 specific indexes, establishing a system to evaluate human senses of mouth, tongue, nose and throat. Testers rate their experiences and then the vaping device used is handed over for chromatography and electron microscope analysis as well analysis of the e-liquid ingredients and coil.

Smoore says it has established a rigorous production safety standard with 50 tests, stricter than Europe’s Tobacco Products Directive, to maintain stability and consistency of product. It believes the fully automated production will guarantee quality.

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Frank Han said: “Taste is a meaningful word. Great taste relies on the scientific system of fundamental research, the persistent improvement of development and manufacturing, the strict quality control, and the worship towards science and ingenuity.”

The scientific research into the taste of atomisation is FEELM’s “Marching into an Era of Long-Termism.” Are you looking forward to a computer’s idea of what strawberries taste like?


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