Can consumers escape EU Restrictions?

Posted 23rd November 2020 by Dave Cross
The New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) is hosting a Zoom webcast looking at whether UK nicotine consumers can escape forthcoming EU Restrictions. This week’s presentation will feature pro-vaping MP Mark Pawsey, harm reduction expert Clive Bates, and the NNA’s vice chair Louise Ross and promises to be highly informative. The event is the latest in a series of highly successful and well attended webinars so act quickly to secure your free ticket.

The event takes place this Thursday, 26th November, between 6pm – 7pm GMT

The NNA says: “We are delighted to invite you to join us for an online webinar discussion with Mark Pawsey MP, Clive Bates and Louise Ross. We will be discussing the subject ‘UK harm reduction post-Brexit: Can consumers escape EU Restrictions?’.

How can consumers ensure the UK will escape excessive EU regulations on safer nicotine products post-Brexit? The NNA wrote to the Department of Health and the Number 10 Policy Unit recently to suggest a coherent post-Brexit strategy for regulating safer nicotine delivery options. But isn’t it a given that when we leave the EU the restrictions will cease to be anyway from January 1st 2021? Well, perhaps not. If the government does not diverge from the EU TPD in 2021, we could be saddled with not only the same restrictions we have now but also further, more stringent controls, which would severely affect both current safer nicotine users and smokers who are thinking about switching.

“How would that help or hinder the government’s ‘levelling up’ and ‘smoke-free 2030’ aspirations? How can consumers ensure that our products are not a victim of further EU interference? How do we convince UK politicians that this is one of the hills they should die on during Brexit negotiations in defence of millions of former smokers and smokers who might benefit in the future? What would a post-Brexit regulatory landscape look like and what can UK consumers do to ensure our world-leading approach to harm reduction continues and improves?

“We will be discussing how the government’s post-Brexit plans could be tailored away from excessive EU regulation on safer nicotine products by following our ten key proposals, and what the consumer role could be towards that.”

Mark Pawsey first came to the attention of vapers when he stood up for the rights of fellow MPs who were ex-smokers [link], arguing for vaping politicians to have the right to vape when they were subjected to a workplace ban.


The politician went on to become a key figure, leading the House of Commons All-Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping, pushing for proportionate and supportive regulation in parliament.

Louise Ross, then in charge of Leicester’s stop smoking service, helped to push the NHS and regional smoking cessation centres into welcoming vaping as a tobacco harm reduction tool. Now she works part-time for the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training and volunteers as the Vice Chair of the New Nicotine Alliance.

Clive Bates is one of the leading global experts on tobacco harm reduction and has written extensively on the subject in his blog [link] and in submissions to many governments.

Registration is free but numbers will be limited, so act quickly to secure your spot.


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