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Posted 8th October 2020 by Dave Cross
Australians will be able to buy electronic cigarettes at pharmacies, rejoices the Australian version of the Daily Mail. The sad fact is the government is putting up more blocks to vapers and smokers accessing nicotine harm reduction than it does to smokers buying a packet of cigarettes. The ludicrous situation is being driven by lying ideologues and vapers can see it for what it is.

The anti-vape Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) might make it “legal” to buy and use vaping products, but the truth is that most won’t bother to go through the laborious process – which is probably what the government wanted all along.

Instead of nicotine-contained juices being legal to import like in the UK, it is going to be available as a “prescription-only medicine” and will be classified as a “dangerous poison”.

The TGA said: “'The interim decision clarifies that nicotine for all human use is a prescription-only medicine and that possession without a script is not permitted. The delegate considered restricting access in accordance with a prescription is necessary to address the recent ­increase in uptake of use of e-cigarettes containing nicotine by young adults.”

The push is all thanks to wonderful people like Professor Emily Banks. She told the Guardian: “In some places smoking is common and in Australia, it is much more uncommon, and we are now at the point where 97% of teenagers have never smoked. We don’t want to jeopardise that incredibly strong position Australia is in by introducing something that might increase the probability that they might smoke, and pick up a very deadly habit.” [link]

It comes on the back of a highly selective study that surprisingly proved exactly what the ideologues wanted to show, that vaping is somehow a gateway to smoking for teens – at odds with everything we see in the United Kingdom.


The new rules will require a vaper or smoker hoping to quit to:

  • Book a GP appointment
  • Visit a GP to fill in an online form seeking approval from the TGA for Special Access Scheme B
  • Wait for the GP to send form off
  • Wait for approval from the TGA
  • Book another GP appointment
  • Visit the GP for a second time to obtain the approved form
  • Take the form to a pharmacy
  • The pharmacy Places an order for nicotine from a wholesaler
  • Wait
  • Second visit to a pharmacy to collect the nicotine

Meanwhile, someone can walk into any store and buy a packet of cigarettes.

Paul Grogan and Emily Banks are fooling themselves when they write in their latest paper: “Tobacco control in Australia is a great success story but it is far from over.” [link]

Advocacy group Legalise Vaping Australia has conducted a study that finds the stark reality of this madness: “42% will go back to the smokes if the 1 January 2020 vaping ban goes ahead.”

88 Vape

The largest ever survey of Australian vapers covered 6,733 nicotine users. These people aren’t “ill”, they do not need “medicine” on prescription.

Worryingly, 37% said they would source their vapers from the black market where there are no regulations over quality or safety of ingredients. The finding that just under 7% of vapers support the proposed prescription model will leave a number of jaws on the floor.

Legalise Vaping Australia Campaign Director Brian Marlow said the survey results were the clearest indication yet that vaping needed to be legalised in Australia with appropriate standards.

Ex-smokers should not need to choose between vaping and going back to the smokes, we need to legalise vaping to ensure vapers can access regulated products in Australia when they need it,” he said.

Vapers now form a powerful voting block, it is simply not good enough to send them back to the smokes should the vaping ban go ahead. MPs need to listen and do the right thing when it comes to reducing tobacco-related harm, by the legalisation vaping.”

The Electronic Cigarette Company


  • Legalise Vaping Australia survey – [link]
  • Legalise Vaping Australia – [link]

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