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Posted 25th August 2020 by Dave Cross
Vape store owners ought to share an interest in promoting the industry in the best possible light, but a business owner in California is stoking fears in Britain over future teen use. The irresponsible outpourings have been leapt upon by one of the UK’s main tabloid newspapers, happy to regurgitate nonsense to obtain clicks and likes on social media.

Vaporsolo prides itself on being the “lowest price online vape shop that offers 100% authentic vape products”. It states its goal is to “provide customers with excellent products, rapid delivery, great prices and superb customer service.” It should add that it is also very happy to throw the industry under the bus in order to raise its profile.

We have been in business longer than most competitors and have maintained our reputation throughout. As one of the largest distributors of electronic cigarettes and accessories in the United States, we have established close business relationships with the biggest names in industry, allowing us to offer the best products and prices on the market!”

How does this sit with fuelling another “Vape for Children” article? Thanks to Vaporsolo’s Jim Kang, a “vape expert” according to the Express, the paper asked, “Could this be the next ‘public health crisis’?”

Apparently, according to Kang, businesses in the States are flooding the UK market with “highly addictive” products, coated in cartoon-like packaging and containing ’child friendly’ flavours such as grape, lemonade, bubblegum and more besides.

Kang told the journalist that firms are “cashing in” by selling online to avoid conforming to UK regulations. Some may wonder how much of an expert Kang is if he is unaware that the UK has strict online selling regulations – unlike the United States – and has led the world in responsible legislation (even if we disagree with some aspects of it).

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The Express tells its readers that juices can contain 50mg/ml of nicotine in the States, but places this statement next to images of nicotine-free shortfills.

Kang told the journalist: “There are lots of very unscrupulous sellers out there who couldn’t care less who they’re selling to. We always do our best to vet out underage or unsuitable buyers but, on the Internet, there isn’t much regulation. The US authorities have seen the damage these vapes do and have rightly cracked down on them. But fruit-flavoured oils are still allowed on the internet and it's hard to regulate something you buy online.

"It's hard to imagine the UK cracking down on a company based in California. They all know this and are doing everything they can to increase the number of vapers in the UK – they don't care what age they are. It's already caused a public health crisis in the States and could well do the same – or even worse – in the UK. It might make a few people rich, but it’ll cause untold damage to people's health."

The damage vapes do?



Public health crisis?

Untold damage to health?

If Vaporsolo didn’t have a website it would almost be possible to believe Kang didn’t know the first thing about vaping and tobacco harm reduction. At least he’s given a heads up to UK-based vapers that they should avoid giving him any money and spend it wisely with responsible vendors at home.

With friends like this, who needs enemies?

The Independent British Vape Trade Association says: “Vaping in the UK is heavily regulated. The primary regulation for vape products in the UK is the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016.  These regulations impose legal requirements on companies to test devices and liquids and to notify the results to the authorities. All of the shops you will find on comply with the relevant regulations.”

The UK Vaping Industry Association states: “We understand that recent reports of lung illnesses in the United States may be worrying for the 3.6 million vapers in the UK and for the millions of smokers looking to make the switch to a less harmful alternative.

"As the leading voice of the vaping industry in the UK, we would like to reassure all vapers and smokers that vaping products in this country are highly regulated.

“Public Health England, Cancer Research UK, British Lung Foundation and many others are all clear that – vaping isn’t completely risk free, but it is far less harmful than smoking tobacco and has helped millions of smokers quit.”


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