Nova Scotia Nonsense

Posted 9th July 2020 by Dave Cross
Canadian province Nova Scotia has published a ridiculous list of prohibitions on vaping products – criminalising most vapers in the process. It was celebrated in the media by calls for legislators to go even further.

In Tax Information Bulletin 5111, notice is given of amendments to the Revenue Act and Revenue Act Regulations - Prohibitions on Vaping Products. As of 12:01 am, September 15, “there will be limitations on the possession, sale and transfer of Vaping Products.”

The incredible list is as follows:

  • No person shall be in possession of a vaping product on which tax has not been paid, or not purchased from a retail vendor who holds a valid retail vendor’s permit, where the person in possession is a consumer.
  • No retail vendor shall be in possession of a vaping product other than a vaping product purchased from a wholesale vendor who, at the time of purchase, held a wholesale vendor’s permit that was in force at the time of purchase.
  • No person shall transport a vaping product unless, at the time of transport, that person is in possession of a bill of lading, waybill or other document showing the origin and destination of the vaping product.
  • No consumer shall purchase, agree to purchase or hold a quantity greater than 240 ml of vaping substance, or 5 vaping devices.
  • A person who holds a quality greater than 240 ml of vaping substance, or 5 vaping devices is deemed to hold the vaping substance or vaping devices for sale in the Province.
  • No retail vendor shall sell vaping products to a consumer in a quantity greater than 240 ml of vaping substance, or 5 vaping devices.
  • No person shall sell, hold out for sale, or agree to sell a vaping product to a consumer, by any means, unless the person holds a retail vendor’s permit and such permit is in force at the time of sale.
  • No person shall import or bring into the Province vaping products for resale in the Province; sell, hold out for sale or agree to sell vaping products for resale in the Province, or manufacture, fabricate or produce vaping products in the Province for sale or for resale unless that person holds a valid wholesale vendor’s permit.

Imagine the scenes at any vape event in Europe where vapers would be banned from carrying more than five devices.

Anybody questioning how such an illiberal and authoritarian pile of nonsense can come into being simply has to look at the mindless, rambling lies spewing from the mouth of the Alberta health minister: “We know that vaping is harmful. It is harmful to the mouth, to the lungs and can lead to COPD. We know that high nicotine levels addict youth rapidly; and that flavours entice young people to vape and confuse them about whether vaping is safe. There is little scientific evidence that vaping helps adults stop smoking.”

Karen Casey, Minister of Finance and Treasury Board, said: “We need to do everything we can to make sure vaping products do not appeal to younger Nova Scotians, particularly in light of concerning health consequences. We have been concerned about growing vaping rates among our youth and we are responding to keep our youth safe. We continue to be a leader in this area.”

The Electronic Cigarette Company

With the new tax of Can$0.50 per millilitre being applied, Nova Scotians will now be paying an additional £30 for a 100ml bottle. This doesn’t seem like ‘leading’ by any definition of the term, it’s a money grab grounded in scientific illiteracy and denialism.


  • Nova Scotia’s ‘facts’ about vaping – [link]
  • Government of Canada’s advice – [link]
  • Ministry of Finance and Treasury Board press release – [link]

 Dave Cross
Article by Dave Cross
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