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Posted 25th June 2020 by Dave Cross
The New Nicotine Alliance (NNA), Britain’s consumer charity for nicotine users, has hosted two hugely successful webcasts. The first saw Clive Bates speaking about legislation and threats, the second had Dr Farsalinos detailing the impact of nicotine on the COVID-19 virus, now a third has been lined up to cover the subject of novel nicotine products.

The online webinar discussion will feature Louise Ross, Mark Oates and Jeff DeSouza discussing the subject "Novel nicotine products: It's not all about vaping". It will take place from 6pm – 7pm (BST) on Thursday 25th June.

Louise worked in learning disabilities for over 30 years, both in nursing and managing a care home, before taking on a second career in tobacco control/smoking cessation in 2004. Excited by the potential of vaping to accelerate quit rates, she coined the phrase 'ecig-friendly stop smoking service' and has worked ever since to encourage other services, commissioners and healthcare workers to adopt this approach. She retired in March 2018 and now works as a freelance clinical consultant for the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training.

Mark is a former Political Researcher in the House of Commons and a keen supporter of vaping and the legalisation of snus; he advocates evidence-based harm reduction in a range of areas from tobacco to drug policy. He has written on the subject for the Institute of Economic Affairs. He also provided evidence as a user of snus in the 2018 ECJ case to overturn the ban of snus across the European Union and worked on the successful campaign to legalise medical cannabis in the UK.

Jeff is a business consultant and Heat-not-Burn consumer.

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The NNA says: “The public is generally acutely aware of e-cigarettes and the principle of tobacco harm reduction is increasingly being recognised. Many, however, will not realise that there are many more safer nicotine products than just vaping. Snus is currently banned in the EU apart from Sweden which carved out an exemption and now boasts by far the lowest smoking rates in Europe. New tobacco free snus products have recently been introduced to the market in the UK and elsewhere.

“Heat not burn tobacco products which are far safer than cigarettes - and reduced smoking prevalence in Japan by a third in less than three years – are also a relatively new harm reduction option. What could be the role of these products for smokers looking to reduce their risk from nicotine consumption?

“We will be asking consumers of these products to share their experiences and also look at how they might fit into the government’s Tobacco Control Plan for England which pledges to maximise the availability of innovative nicotine products to tempt smokers away from combustible tobacco.”

Places will again be limited and access offered on a first come first served basis on the night. You can reserve your place for free using the link below.

Event Details
Date: Tuesday 25th May 2020
Time: 18:00 - 19:00 (BST)


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