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Posted 1st June 2020 by Dave Cross
European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (ETHRA) has shared a plea from CAPHRA for European vapers to help their counterparts in the Philippines. Pinoy vapers are facing the threat of having their products effectively banned as part of President Duterte’s crackdown on a perceived threat.

Duterte’s approach to harm reduction is more than a little unconventional. While people were sending Christmas cards and wrapping presents, the Pinoy president’s attempt to spread seasonal cheer included issuing a death threat to Hon Lik, widely recognised as the inventor of the e-cigarette.

Duterte said: “This vaping, they say it is electronic. Don’t give me that shit. Better stop it, I will order your arrest if you do it in a room. That is like smoking. You contaminate people.

“I don’t know the devil who invented that. I asked to look for that person to put him to extrajudicial killing. Son of a bitch. Where’s the police? Tell him to kill that son of a bitch.”

In its Call To Action, CAPHRA said that the plan is for all vaping products to be treated as health products. This would entail the adoption of standards that would result in “a de facto ban on e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products that would make these products unacceptable to many adult smokers.”

Philippine vapers will have to contend with a ban on all flavours other than tobacco and menthol. The proposal also includes placing a limit on the nicotine content of eliquid.

The Electronic Cigarette Company

In addition, all vapers would have to obtain a Pinoy Food and Drug Administration ID before they would be allowed to buy vape and heated tobacco products.

The government has stated that none of this will apply to cigarettes.

As Duterte previously said: “Why cannot we ban cigarettes? Why? Because we allow its manufacture and maybe the importation of tobacco. We allow it and we tax them.”

CAPHRA say: “We would like your help encouraging stakeholders to write a submission to the Food and Drug Administration, by June 5. We are trying to get as many submissions as possible, so individual submissions would be incredibly helpful.”

Submissions can be emailed to the FDA at [email protected], addressed to:

Vape Club

Director General
Food and Drug Administration
Civic Drive, Filinvest Corporate City
Alabang, Muntinlupa City

The stakeholder should include in the email subject line: “FDA draft General Guidelines for the Regulation of Vapor Products and Heated Tobacco Products”.

You can also forward or BCC a copy of the submission to the local consumer group in the Philippines, [email protected].


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