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Posted 13th May 2020 by Dave Cross
VPZ is the UK’s largest vaping retailer with over 155 stores in the UK. Today, it has released data showing that more NHS staff are quitting smoking than ever before. It has also issued instructions on how NHS staff can access a massive 50% discount so they can join the other successful quitters.

The vaping specialist announced that in the last month alone, over 1,100 NHS staff have used their discount scheme to access products to help them stamp out cigarettes for good.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a sharp focus on lung health and many smokers are using the lockdown as pivotal moment to begin their quit journey.

This has brought about an increase in the number of first-time vapers, and in particular the number of NHS staff who are now making the switch to vaping.

In total 1,110 NHS staff members have used the discount scheme to begin their quit journey,

Doug Mutter, Director of Manufacturing and Compliance at VPZ said: “We initially launched the NHS discount scheme as a way to thank and support the NHS staff who are working under immensely difficult circumstances. We do a lot work with NHS organisations and have partnerships across the country with local Trust’s in helping patients quit smoking by making the switch.”


“We never fully appreciated how successful the scheme would be in building a growing community of NHS staff who are all looking to quit together. Having over 1,100 NHS staff members coming together to quit smoking is incredible and the feedback has been great.”

One nurse got in touch to say: “Great company, super-fast free [online] delivery and 50% NHS discount! Guys in the shop [are] always helpful and chatty! 4 years of using this [e-liquid], 4 years cigarette free!"

The growth in quitters comes in light of the growing attention on lung health in the UK. A new study from China found that smokers were about 14 times more likely than people who have never smoked to develop a more serious COVID-19 disease.

This has been used as a wakeup call to many smokers to finally quit, and NHS staff are no different.

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Doug continued: “We know that smoking and COVID is a lethal combination and NHS staff are more acutely aware of this anyone. They are under a huge amount of stress tackling this pandemic and could lead to smokers faltering in their stop smoking journey, but we are seeing the exact opposite.”

“We have seen more NHS staff coming forward to quit smoking- and long may it continue”.

NHS staff can access the discount scheme by following these steps:

  1. Place an order at vpz.co.uk
  2. Email us with at [email protected] with an email titled’ NHS DISCOUNT REQUEST’
  3. In the body of the email include their VPZ Order Number and attach a photo of their NHS ID Card

The deal is not valid on IQOS or HEETS and 50% refunds will be issued within 7 working days of the email to our customer support team.


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