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Posted 24th April 2020 by Dave Cross
Flavour Warehouse, the company behind Vampire Vape, has announced that it is expanding by taking over the Irish electronic cigarette company Total Vapour. The business expansion marks further success for one of the UK’s oldest companies.

Flavour Warehouse can lay claim to being “a leading international e-liquid company” as it operates across 80 countries, a long way from when it just operated the Vampire Vape brand and had a small tent at VapeFest.

As Vampire Vape grew from 12 to over 50 flavour profiles, Flavour Warehouse expanded with further options – all created, manufactured, designed and distributed from its base in Darwen, Blackburn.

Flavour Warehouse says this expansion is the first of its kind and will see the company double its retail store presence and increase trade in both Northern and Southern Ireland.

Total Vapour was a family-owned hybrid business that sold e-liquid and e-cigarette devices. Under Flavour Warehouse, Total Vapour will continue to trade with the same principles, the same staff and gain support in growth both online and in stores from Flavour Warehouse.

Company Director, Phil Boyle said, “It’s an exciting time for Flavour Warehouse as we continue to expand our distribution. Total Vapour is going to be a huge asset for our diversification into electronic cigarettes.”

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The company added that this means Flavour Warehouse will be diversifying its services and going beyond its USP of being solely an e-liquid manufacturer. It says this enables the business to meet the needs of all customers by providing high-quality e-liquid and e-cigarette devices to the masses, ensuring that customers get the best service at the best price with the best customer services.

Phil added: “This is a great opportunity for our company, and it reflects our mission to provide customers with the highest quality of e-liquid and e-cigarette devices.”

As we reported last year, Flavour Warehouse was nominated for a host of business awards [link] and achieved the Medium Business Award and International Achievement Award at the Red Rose Awards in 2019.

In the last seven years, Flavour Warehouse says it has been a pioneer in the e-liquid manufacturing industry with its flagship brand, Vampire Vape and that of its OEM customers. The growth of the business has been massive with the company having to move buildings three times in three years, going from a 10,000 sq. FT building to a 115,000 sq. FT office and warehouse complex. In turn, this has led to an expansion of staff from 10 to over 100 employees.

This big move will see Flavour Warehouse enter an established market with an established company that has the foundations to grow and excel the business.


The company adds: “It’s an exciting time for Flavour Warehouse and Vampire Vape, who welcome the Total Vapour members to its team!”


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