Epidemics, Booze and Strip Clubs

Posted 27th March 2020 by Dave Cross
While many saw corrupt thought at play when Alabama administrators instructed toilets to be closed or expelled children caught vaping, but it is now obvious the corruption extended to other actions too. School administrators have been caught spending $700,000 on trips to strip clubs, buying alcohol, online gaming and fraudulently syphoning off funds for family members.

Alabama hid behind a “national vaping crisis” when it began making criminals out of children. Administrators decided it made sense to have head teachers call in the police if a child was found with a vape device and, in turn, to have the police levy a fine ranging from $10-$50.

In January, they decided that (while being caught smoking entailed an internal suspension) being caught vaping should lead to a permanent exclusion and transfer to the Centre for Alternatives to Suspension.

The fool in charge of creating a letter for parents wrote: “Vaping is causing serious health issues around our nation. We do not wish to see any of our students negatively impacted by either direct exposure or second-hand exposure to these products.”

Then, this month, Wilson High School thought it would be a great idea to resurrect the mad approach of removing the doors from student toilets, something POTV poured scorn when it happened in Connecticut in 2015.

Maybe, having made up fears of a non-existent vape crisis, school administrators felt that normal rules of behaviour no longer applied to them? Six former and current employees of an Alabama school district have been named in connection with widescale fraud.

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Jefferson Davis High School former assistant principal, is facing charges that he personally took $330,060.15 for “questionable” goods and services.

Marsha Baugh, Brewbaker Technology Magnet High School, set up a scholarship fund with school cash to the tune of $177,325.07. A scholarship that was then awarded to her two children.

PE teacher Chauncy Shines took $45,908.72 Brewbaker Technology Magnet High School and redistributed it to hard-working ladies dancing with poles, running up tabs in his local bar, and making online bookies richer.

Some might wonder if Alabama ought to focus on genuine threats to children like these poor examples of educators rather than vaping, that reduces tobacco related harm regardless of age.


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