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Posted 26th March 2020 by Dave Cross
Northern Ireland based juice company Liquid Creations Ltd is “working around the clock” to manufacture hand sanitisers. Demonstrating what wonderful people work in the vape business, the company has responded positively to the COVID-19 outbreak and is going to distribute the sanitisers to people in need for free.

Liquid Creations Ltd, a company owned by partners Ankush and Mo Vij, manufactures a range of eliquid and CBD products. They recognised that the facilities could be applied to the production of hand sanitiser, a product currently in short supply due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pair have demonstrated what big hearts they have by saying they want “to look after those who need it most". They hope that in the medium to long term this can also open up an additional revenue stream from contracts with the supermarket sector.

Mo Vij told Belfast journalists: “We tried to get hand sanitisers for the factory and we weren't able to get any so we decided to call on the chemical suppliers we work with to formulate our own. Given we have the automated lines this is something we are well able to manage.”

“In the first instance, we want to supply over 500 bottles free to the elderly and charities, but we will also be delivering 100,000 units to a UK supermarket chain. We are sold out for the next two to three weeks.”

The new brand is called Medi Pura; it has met the regulatory requirements and passed all the relevant industry testing. Mo Vij expects it to be on supermarket shelves before the end of April. The manufacturing line will be pumping out 2,000 bottles per hour in sizes ranging from 30 to 200ml.


At a time when COVID-19 is threatening many jobs, the expansion into the hand sanitiser market has created four extra positions at Liquid Creations Ltd.

“This will mean it will have no impact on our other lines. We have more staff in and are semi-automated so we can still produce existing orders. As of today, we will be working 24 hours a day until the foreseeable future. The demand is there, and we also have an opportunity to help people.”


  • Liquid Creations Ltd – [link]

Image by Harvey Boyd from Pixabay

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