Posted 24th February 2020 by Dave Cross
ETHRA member ANESVAP warns that the Spanish Health Minister is releasing an anti-vape position statement later today. It says that nobody who should have been consulted has been and is asking vapers to join it in voicing the opinions of vapers on social media.


“El próximo lunes 24 de Febrero de 10 a 11 de la mañana en el Ministerio de Sanidad se realizará el acto de presentación del documento de posicionamiento de la SEPAR sobre cigarrillos electrónicos y tabaco calentado. Por supuesto, ni la Plataforma Médica ni las otras Asociaciones civiles por la Reducción de Daños por Tabaquismo hemos sido informadas, ni tenemos acceso, ni se nos ha invitado a asistir”

[This morning], the Ministry of Health will present a position paper on electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco. Of course, neither the medical community nor the consumer associations for tobacco related harm have been informed, nor have access, nor have we been invited to attend,” write ANESVAP.

“This act is a clear positioning of the new Minister of Health in his continued attitude with the restrictive policies of the previous minister. Put simply: the event of ANIS Part 2, which ended up in ‘la campaña de marras’ and the demonstration that we all remember, only to justify the unjustifiable; that champix is distributed to smokers as if they were Polo mints. We also advance that we have reasons to think that there will soon be a unilateral attempt to regulate by decree, without notice and against which we will not be able to fight.”

“We are asking you all to please show us the same solidarity that we already saw with the first event and have Twitter prepared to give all the war possible. We must publicly remind, once again both the Ministry and SEPAR, with Pfizer and its Champix, that there are 600,000 vapers in Spain, that we are living proof that vaping saves lives, that we are very pissed off and that we have a great capacity for mobilisation.”

“We will start with networks looking for the trending topics and, of course, Anesvap is prepared to deal with the media. However, we do not rule out that in the near future we will have to go out onto the streets again.”


“To counteract, today the Medical Platform will launch the “Hablemos Alto y Claro sobre el Vapeo” campaign (Let's Talk High and Clear about Vaping), on which we ask for maximum dissemination.” [link]

The campaign consists of:

  • A series of videos starring doctors who clarify doubts about damage reduction tools
  • A form, enabled on the website, so that any user can send any queries or doubts they have about the harm reduction products and their health. These queries will be automatically emailed and will be answered by doctors as soon as possible
  • A press release and a Twitter thread will be launched in the profile of the @PRDTabaquismo Twitter platform [link]

In addition, the first video of the campaign opens with the testimony of Professor Josep María Ramón Torrell, Professor of Preventive Health and Chief of Smoking at Bellvitge Hospital, which lasts six and a half minutes, and has been fragmented into a bitesize question/answer format. This is set to be spread onto Twitter in the coming days.

ANESVAP would like you to use social media to spread these videos “to make war on Twitter”.

It specifies three hashtags to help coordinate the fightback: #AltoyClaro, #Salud, and #Vapeo. The individuals and organisations to include in posts are the Minister for Health @salvadorilla and the Ministry itself @sanidadgob.


“Let's focus on spreading the campaign to the fullest, always remember with education but making clear our outrage. It is likely that we will also convene a Twitterbomb at a designated time. We will inform you. They should not expect that they will be able to make a decree to kill vaping without anyone putting up resistance and ridicule.”


  • ANESVAP Twitter – [link]
  • ANESVAP Facebook – [link]
  • ETHRA – [link]

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