Vaping And Driving

Posted 24th January 2020 by Dave Cross
A new member on the POTV forum has asked other members for advice on dripping and driving. He likes the sight of cars pluming vape out of the windows, but the opinion isn’t shared by the police or the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. Such actions risk large fines and a possible ban from driving.

The new poster wrote: “After getting a Duster Mech and Knuckle RDA, I want to change to an RTA. I haven't seen anything talked about it on POTV. I really like RBAs for the flavour and of course the massive clouds, but there are times when all I want to do is sit back and chill while watching a film. More importantly, when I'm driving. I really like seeing the look of other road users with clouds streaming out of the car but to whip off the cap and drip juice without any covering my legs or car seat or miss seeing the brake lights, it's been close a couple of times.”

Regardless of what individual vapers may think, the police take a dim view of anything that prevents drivers being able to see out of the car clearly. In extreme cases they say they consider it “driving without due care and attention” and will pass on details to the Crown Prosecution Service.

On a sliding scale of punishments, the police can hand out £100 roadside fines and three points to go onto licences. This can escalate in court to nine points on the licence and a £5,000 fine. If the court sees fit, it can even impose a driving ban.

Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Nick Lloyd commented to journalists: “Distracted driving is a leading cause of road accidents in the UK. Any secondary activity which takes eyes off the road is potentially dangerous. As well as being a physical distraction, vaping while behind the wheel can create visibility problems if clouds of vapour are produced.”

"Although it is not currently prohibited in law, drivers choosing to vape while on the road is a growing and concerning trend. If using an electronic cigarette whilst driving causes a motorist to become involved in a collision, then the activity could be considered careless driving, which is an offence.”

Comments for the new member on the thread included:

“It's not an RTA you need, it's a squonk mod. All the joy of your RDA with a bottle underneath it to supply juice at the press of a finger.”

“Be warned it seems U.K. police are beginning to clamp down on vaping while driving and although technically not illegal they are pursuing dangerous driving/ driving without due care and attention charges.”

“I have to say, driving while dripping is a big ‘no no’ for me. Shouldn't do it. I drip at home and use tanks while driving.”


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