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Posted 8th November 2019 by Dave Cross
“No one should be put off vaping if it helps them quit tobacco”, concluded Channel 5 News’ Health Correspondent in her balanced and informative coverage of vaping. Catherine Jones emphasised that although fears exist in the United States, British experts should be trusted in their assessment of vaping.

Catherine Jones was justifiably shortlisted in the British Journalism Awards 2018 as evidenced by this article on vaping. Compared to the salacious nonsense being printed in the mainstream newspapers by health correspondents who ignore the science, Jones demonstrated the value of sticking to facts.

“E-cigarettes are proving their worth,” begins Jones, mentioning the recent study that found more than 50,000 smokers managed to quit the habit thanks to switching to vaping.

Linking to coverage of lung injuries on the American CBS news channel demonstrated the gulf between the U.S. and U.K. approaches to harm reduction and the danger of scaring smokers away from swapping to ecigs.

Fortunately, Jones got Professor Ann McNeill, Kings College London, to offer up balancing commentary: “We are seeing an uptick in the proportion of smokers who are using nothing to stop smoking, and that’s the least effective thing you can do.”

McNeill explained that it is troubling if smokers are deterred from vaping instead, “as this means they are just going to carry on smoking.”

Jones then showed how the U.K. has strict manufacturing standards and contrasted this with the unregulated American market and the fact that the lung diseases have come about through the use of THC liquids containing Vitamin E Acetate.

UK Vaping Industry Association’s John Dunne agreed and expanded upon how the range of regulations and toxicology reports ensures that smokers should be confident in the products they can obtain here.

“Nothing is safe, there are no free rides in life,” said Professor John Britton. “Electronic cigarettes are substantially less harmful than smoking tobacco. So, for the smoker it is a no-brainer – you should switch to vaping as soon as you can.”


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