Canada Might Allow Vendors To Tell The Truth

Posted 25th October 2019 by Dave Cross
Canada is struggling to come to terms with tobacco harm reduction as influence from the South continues to corrupt a common sense approach. Currently, vape vendors are blocked from telling the truth about vaping, but this could change according to a Health Canada consultation document.

The document says that if the changes come into play, all statements “would be supported by science and expressed in clear terms to ensure that tobacco users are better informed about the relative health effects of using vaping products."

Examples of what would be allowed include:

  • Switching completely from smoking to e-cigarettes will reduce harms to your health
  • If you are a smoker, switching completely to vaping is a much less harmful option

The government’s current advice on vaping manages to successfully circumvent any actual support [link], resolutely sticking to definitions of what it is in the style of a 1950’s sex education film.

Illustrating the trouble Canada faces, Doctor Theo Moraes was prepared to add his personal idiotic opinion: “When you look at the totality of the influence of vaping on society, it is by far way more harmful. It has contributed much more harm than benefit.”

Quite how extending the lives of the nation’s 4.6 million smokers harms society was something that continues the wonderful doctor.

World Vapers Alliance

The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) is the polar opposite to Cancer Research UK, and recently demanded the government blocked all forms of vape advertising “to protect young people”. Maintaining a high level of ignorance about things has always worked out well and would possibly be a sure-fire hit if the society got its way.

A spokesperson for the CCS said: “There shouldn’t be public-facing advertising by tobacco companies or others for e-cigarettes. Do we want to be trusting tobacco companies to be able to engage in widespread messaging? No, we don’t.”

No, it would be far better for the CCS to spread its nonsense about how vaping is causing deaths around the world – well said, CCS lackey. Canada could do a lot of good by reading the “Vaping in England: an evidence update February 2019” report commissioned by Public Health England and ignore the kind of imbecility inspired by Stanton Glantz [link].


  • “Vaping in England: an evidence update February 2019”, Public Health England – [link]

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