Vape Superstore Partners Smokefree Hackney

Posted 10th October 2019 by Dave Cross
Vape Superstore, a London based vape retailer, has partnered with a local quit smoking service, Smokefree Hackney, to support those most at risk of smoking addiction in the borough. With the launch of a quit smoking pilot scheme, Vape Superstore assisted the Smokefree team by supplying e-cigarettes and ongoing support to those looking to quit smoking.

The Hackney borough is one of the most deprived areas in the UK, and alongside this has a 6% higher smoking rate than the UK average. Due to this partnership, Vape Superstore says it has gained access to some eye-opening statistics on the correlation between smoking and poverty, not only in Hackney but across the whole of the UK.

According to the Hackney Health and Wellbeing profile, Hackney has a 21% smoking rate, 6% higher than the UK average. It’s also one of the most deprived boroughs in the UK. Hackney has a lower average income and qualification level with higher unemployment and a higher rate of people claiming benefits. This is indicative of the wider correlation between smoking and poverty throughout the UK. Further reducing the smoking population and therefore poverty requires more careful consideration to get the UK down to a “smoke-free” level of 5% or less by 2030.

Smoking and poverty is a cycle that starts in childhood. Coming from a background of smoking and poverty makes someone more likely to suffer from poor mental health, achieve a lower level of education and work in lower paid jobs, according to the Office of National Statistics. These things combined also make someone more likely to become a smoker themselves.

Sustaining a smoking habit adds greater stress to households already struggling to make ends meet. Nicotine and the addiction to smoking offers some relief to that stress, according to studies published by the US National Library of Medicine. However, this perpetuates a downward spiral into poverty through sustaining that smoking habit.


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Vape Superstore has published an article detailing the statistics behind the move to partner Smokefree Hackney [link].


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