NY Ban Blocked

Posted 7th October 2019 by Dave Cross
On Thursday, New York’s appellate court threw a spanner in Governor Cuomo’s efforts to ban almost all eliquids from sale in the state. It is only a temporary order, but it will be enough to allow the vape industry time to coordinate fuller opposition to the ridiculous move. In response, Cuomo took to the stage to host one of the most idiotic press conferences where he likened vaping to the gun industry.

“Manufacturers of fruit and candy-flavoured e-cigarettes are intentionally and recklessly targeting young people, and today we’re taking action to put an end to it. Names like, ‘Bubble-gum’, ‘Cotton Candy’, ‘Captain Crunch’, these are obviously targeted to young people and highly effective at targeting young people,” said Cuomo when he announced his intention to ban eliquid flavours using an executive order to by-pass democracy.

Advocate Matthew Elliot attended a health council meeting that was to hear from interested parties. He called out the “hypocrisy” imbued in some of the evidence given and, referring to the squandered Master Settlement Agreement funds, declared: “This is supposed to be about public health – it’s about blood money!”

Cuomo immortalised himself in the Halls of Stupidity when he stated: “Is vaping better than smoking? Technically, yes. But, so what?”

In a press conference following the court’s decision, Cuomo was asked why he’s targeting eliquids when the evidence says we now know illicit THC products containing vitamin E acetate were to blame. He replied: “You don’t know that.”

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Then, immediately, he contradicted himself by adding: “Most…the evidence has been…yes, you’re right.” If someone gave awards to idiots then Cuomo’s shelf would be strained to the point of breaking.

He continued: “Most of the cases have been linked to another compound that was smoked in their device. But even that, that’s the argument the gun industry makes. Err, the bullet kills, I didn’t make the bullet. Yeh, I know, but you made the gun. And the bullet went in the gun. And that’s how the person died.”

It’s as if he watched The Office (USA) and decided the character ‘Michael was part of a training video on ‘How To Be A Governor’. He continued: “They make the device. Even if you buy their ‘It’s counterfeit, it’s not me, it’s black market product’, you make the device. You made the gun. And the bullet fits the gun. So you don’t escape liability there.”

The court made its decision in response to The Vapor Technology Association filing a lawsuit, suing the state of New York. Tony Abboud, the group’s executive director said: “We are very pleased with the New York State Appellate Division’s decision, which acknowledges the strength of our claims about the state’s executive overreach, and which preserves the ability of hundreds of small businesses to remain open and continue to serve their adult customers.”


For now, Cuomo and New York state are “temporarily enjoined and prevented from enforcing” the ban. The VTA is set to file further briefs over the coming weeks.

 Dave Cross
Article by Dave Cross
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