NNA 'Labours' For Vapers

Posted 3rd October 2019 by Dave Cross
The New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) was on the front foot over the wave of vapers being scared by family members as a result of the American THC deaths. Also, the UK’s leading charity supporting alternative nicotine products has been encouraging Labour members to become enthusiastic supporters of harm reduction at its recent conference.

The NNA was concerned to hear reports of British vapers being urged by their friends and family to immediately quit e-cigarette use. The rise of incidents like this have followed the slanted coverage of recent events in America in the national media.

It said vapers “should not be alarmed” and provided a number of sources to illustrate that the recent media stories are “classic panic-fostering which consumers can produce when faced with non-vapers who are sucked in by the hysteria”.

The NNA is keen to point out that “The e-cigarette market in the UK is tightly regulated under the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations Act 2016” – “so you, your friends and family should have nothing to worry about. Keep calm, educate them, and carry on vaping.

“We … condemn the many bad actors who are fanning the flames of this false panic. Whether it is journalists chasing click-bait or ideologically driven harm reduction sceptics in the UK health community, they are actively deterring many thousands of smokers from either opting to switch to a far safer form of nicotine consumption or guiding those who may be using e-cigarettes to move back to smoking, based on no proper evidence whatsoever.”

“This is not a game. Their crass conflation of vaping with illicit, unregulated and deadly illegal drug-containing liquids will cost lives and they should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.”

The NNA provided a list of resources that vapers can direct people to if they are concerned which can be found at the base of this article.

To continue to promote the idea of harm reduction to a larger audience, NNA'S Martin Cullip and Jessica Harding travelled to Brighton for the start of the Labour Party Conference. Martin spoke on a Prospect Magazine panel entitled Does Brexit present new opportunities for the vaping industry?.

The panel spoke on the same day that Labour decided its Brexit stance in the main auditorium at the Brighton Centre, so it couldn’t be more apt a conversation. Sir Kevin Barron MP – an enthusiastic supporter of harm reduction – was also on the panel and both our representatives reported that the reception from delegates in the room was largely positive towards vaping.

The NNA said: “In the past, the Labour Party has been reticent to back risk reduced products but, in the UK, we now seem to have a cross-party belief in their efficacy which is very encouraging. Long may that continue.”


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