Salt Lake's Angel Dust Juices

Posted 13th September 2019 by Dave Cross
Utah State Representative Paul Ray called a press conference to announce that eLiquid samples purchased from Salt Lake County vape shops demonstrated high levels of illegal drugs. He labelled the findings of his little investigation a “health emergency” and promised a possible ban on vape products in Utah.

At the presentation, Paul Ray said he wanted to ban all vaping products and announced that he would be writing legislation to that effect. “If I can ban the entire product, I will,” he said. “An outright ban on everything is what I will look for in the session.”

Oddly, Ray is fine with closed pod systems like JUULs and they would remain exempt from his nonsensical ban.

Ray got people to buy 12 juice bottles from brick and mortar stores then sent them to Beechtree Diagnostics Lab for testing. The company reported back to him that 10 of the bottles were adulterated with illegal drugs.


  • Brand 1: Clear
  • Brand 2: Opioids, Oxy
  • Brand 3: Opioids
  • Brand 4: Opioids
  • Brand 5: Opioids, Oxy, PCP, Barbiturates
  • Brand 6: Opioids
  • Brand 7: Opioids
  • Brand 8: THC, CBD
  • Brand 9: PCP
  • Brand 10: CBD
  • Brand 11: Clear
  • Brand 12: Opioids, Oxy,

So, 84% of juice bottles in Salt Lake contain drugs?

Not quite.

Beechtree were quick to distance themselves from their own findings and Ray’s announcement. “This is not to be taken as evidence, I think [he] didn’t share enough of the testing parameters to truly validate,” commented the company’s President Michael Murano.

The test used point-of-care strips; a process usually used to test urine samples – not eliquids. “We used a presumptive testing method that is not particularly accurate. The accurate test isn’t available now,” Murano added.

What has Utah State Representative Paul Ray been smoking?

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