BREAKING: JUUL Attacks VTA Lawsuit

Posted 21st August 2019 by Dave Cross
On Monday, POTV announced how The Vapor Technology Association (VTA) filed a lawsuit against the Food and Drug Administration over its Pre-Market Tobacco Application accelerated filing deadline. JUUL Labs has announced its opposition to the lawsuit and its intention to leave the VTA.

JUUL’s position statement has been posted in the media section of its American website. The company writes:


We are fully committed to the current PMTA process and are confident in the content and quality of the materials we will submit with our application by May 2020.

We are not appealing the recent federal court case in the District of Maryland and similarly do not support the recent lawsuit against FDA filed by the Vapor Technology Association in the Eastern District of Kentucky.

The Electronic Cigarette Company

While we have appreciated the opportunity to collaborate with the VTA, we will not renew our membership when it expires later this month as we are not aligned on too many critical policy issues. For example, we support clean Tobacco 21 legislation and an outright ban on certain flavours.

JUUL Labs will continue to focus on combating youth usage of vapor products including JUUL while preserving the historic opportunity to switch adult smokers off of combustible cigarettes.”

JUUL’s combined pitiful positions to ban certain flavours and support the current registration process will simply serve to drive a bigger wedge between it and the vaping community and businesses. It sees that there is an advantage to driving other companies out of the market despite the fact that they serve different niches.


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