Global Forum on Nicotine 2019

Posted 3rd June 2019 by Dave Cross
The Global Forum on Nicotine – the only place where science and policy meet - takes place in Warsaw, Poland, next week. The 6th annual forum runs from the 13th – 15th June and is the only international conference to focus on the science, policy and the role of safer nicotine products (e.g. vapes, heat-not-burn devices and snus) that help people switch from smoking.

At this year’s event at the Marriott Hotel Centrum, “It’s time to talk about nicotine”.

Over 500 attendees from around the world will listen to over 70 expert presenters examining how attitudes towards the use of nicotine are changing, as well as what we know about its short- and long-term impacts, both negative and positive.

The New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) says that many NNA Trustees, Associates and Supporters will be in Warsaw for the event. The NNA will be presenting a poster, and plans are in place for a Consumer Advocacy Alignment meeting featuring academics and consumers from all over the world.

The GFN organisers say: “The rapid development and use of safer nicotine products raises a number of challenging scientific questions about safety, who uses them and why, and the impact on smoking. These products also raise challenges for governments who seek to understand what kind of policy and regulation is appropriate.”

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The presenters represent all stakeholders involved with new and safer nicotine products, from consumers to policy analysts, public health experts to parliamentarians, and academics to manufacturers, to examine the rapidly developing science in relation to nicotine use and the changing landscape.

“The unique, inclusive nature of the GFN continues to provide a platform for exchange and debate of often-contentious issues. This is made possible by the commitment of all who attend it to do so with an open mind and to examine the evidence in making decisions and judgements. This is the basis of our claim that GFN is ‘the only place where science and policy meet’.”

The full programme of events is online, detailing the speakers, times and topics to be covered. Individuals and companies wishing to come along can still register for attendance.

The NNA is the designated charity partner for this year’s conference. If you have a raffle prize to contribute, please email POTV [link] or the NNA directly [link].


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