Rejuiced Relaunches Another Brand

Posted 7th May 2019 by Dave Cross
Rejuiced has just completed the acquisition of, famous for its 'Black Monk' eliquid, bringing the company to 3 acquisitions running under the Rejuiced brand: Dripworx, Isle of Custard and LiquidRage.

LiquidRage was started by Carl Webster and Greg Wilding 2015 in frustration to weak flavoured eliquid. They wanted to "create in your face potent flavours that hit you like a sledgehammer!"

Andrew, Chief Technology Officer  at Rejuiced, told us: “They shared tremendous success with this USP, handling up to 200 orders per day.”

The range consists of:

  • S’lush - where blue raspberries and blueberries mingle together
  • Borg - fruity berries, crystal eucalyptus and a menthol injection
  • Blue Muff - moist muffin bursting with the flavour of fresh blueberries
  • Unicorn Blood - milky raspberry lushness
  • Bunny Milk - creamy custard combined with strawberry goodness
  • Beetlejuice - strawberry, mango, pineapple, raspberry
  • Black Monk - blackcurrant, menthol and aniseed
  • Gran’s Tart - moist biscuity base and tangy lemon curd
  • Splunk - pear drops and hubbalicious strawberry bubble gum
  • Pinkeye - raspberry, grapefruit, lemon and lime
  • Red Monk - red berries, black grape, menthol and aniseed
  • Purp - pink raspberry and blackcurrant
  • Grizzly Tears - cola and sour apples
  • Dingoberry - Citrus soda, mixed berries and a cool refreshing bite
  • Twisted - vanilla ice cream and a touch of strawberry
  • Jammy Doh - fresh doughnuts
  • Pixie’s Curse - Mixed berries, citrus, aniseed and menthol
  • Cupid’s Tonic - Strawberry sours
  • Seduction - warm gooey caramel

The move is part of a number of changes at Rejuiced. The shipping deadline for orders is moving from 1pm to 4pm Monday-Friday. Also, manufacturing will now be handled in a Certified ISO 7 cleanroom.

The price is of the LiquidRage range is changing from £10.99 to £9.99, and Rejuiced are focussing on stock management so 'Black Monk' quantities can actually fulfil demand. The juice will come in letterbox-friendly bottles.

Rejuiced state that 10ml TPD compliant versions of the eliquids will be launched next week.



 Dave Cross
Article by Dave Cross
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