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Posted 12th March 2019 by Dave Cross
Long-term vapers will nod with a knowing smile at the name of House of Liquid. Not only was the company one of the original professional eliquid companies in the UK, but it offered something truly unique with its commitment to in-house tobacco steeping and natural flavours. Original owner Georgio has announced he is back in charge of House of Liquid.

Georgio announced: “Experienced vapers vouch that it was always more than a simple business and customer relationship. It was always mutual respect and interaction. It was all of you that created a pure vaping superbrand.”

“House of Liquid is again back in the hands of its original owners and creators. We are very thankful to all of you, for your kind and warm words welcoming us back. We appreciate it!”

“We promise to run the new House of Liquid with pure respect and innovation. Please join the revolution and once again, help us with your feedback and interaction to create together your House of Liquid, your liquids.”

When vaping was just taking off in the United Kingdom, people eulogised about the wonders of Puros and Eden, Brasleiro and Puros Dark. Vapers took to House of Liquids’ juices because they offered something genuinely different.

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El Toro was the first brand globally to offer naturally extracted tobacco liquids on a commercial website and to retail outlets. The tobacco flavours are sourced from Cuba and around the world, extracted organically using a traditional ‘cold’ steeping method, claimed to be the most gentle and natural way to extract the flavour and aroma from the tobacco leaves, followed by a two stage, 5 Micron, filtering process before finally being blended in-house and placed into use wooden barrels for maturing.

Complementing the range of genuine tobacco flavours came a premium organic range, developed to appeal to vapers who do not like tobacco juices. They were also developed using a natural flavour extraction process from the best organic extracts available to provide uniquely realistic flavours.

No artificial colours, no flavourings, no sugars and no sweeteners.

Nottingham-based House of Liquid was also one of the first companies to use state of the art clean room facilities. The ISO 9001/2015 compliant laboratory conducts routine quality checks: “All raw materials we use are chemically tested and analysed to ensure they confirm with USP and EP standards.”

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Like the eCigars House of Liquids manufactures, quality doesn’t come cheap – but it’s worth every penny.



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