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Posted 3rd January 2019 by Dave Cross
The Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association (ATHRA) has launched a switch to vaping campaign. Not only should this be newsworthy due to the promotion of reducing tobacco harm – but it’s taking place in a country where vaping can involve breaking the law. This campaign will educate smokers how to legally make the transition.

“If you want to quit smoking in the New Year, the UK government recommends you switch to vaping. ATHRA agrees and is running our switch2vaping campaign over the New Year period,” the organisation writes.

“Quitting can be tough. Many smokers will try to quit in January and most will fail...again. If you just can't quit with conventional treatments, vaping could be a lifesaver, literally!”

ATHRA wants vapers and smokers to share its social media content to help spread the message:

  • Four social media images and two video testimonials are available HERE. Graphics marked IG are for Instagram and Facebook; others marked T are for Twitter
  • Two video testimonials showing Michael and Dianne, who both switched successfully to vaping, are available to watch on ATHRA’s YouTube channel: links Michael + Dianne
  • A blog is available to read on the campaign website

ATHRA points out that smokers who switch to vaping will feel much better, “save a packet”, and be exposed to far fewer chemicals than from smoking.

Vape Club

The problem Australian smokers face is that under Australian law it is illegal to buy, possess, or use liquid nicotine for vaping without a prescription from a registered Australian medical practitioner.

The organisation offers advice on how to find a doctor who will be willing to help smokers obtain a nicotine prescription. It also offers support to doctors who would like to begin prescribing nicotine. The website then gives advice on where to source nicotine liquid from, either in Australia or from abroad – and describes the process involved in meeting the requirements of the TGA Personal Importation Scheme.

ATHRA’s actions don’t stop there as it is also offering advice on vaping etiquette – essential in a nation with an emboldened group of anti-vaping campaigners.

“While most vapers are mindful of the people around them, it is clear that vaping has a PR problem. Good vaping etiquette is simply good manners, but it is also important to build community support for vaping.”


It cites a survey where respondents agreed “that it is good manners to notify others before taking out a vape,” and, “polite not to vape around children or pets.”



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