New NCSCT Leaflet

Posted 9th November 2018 by Dave Cross
The National Centre for Smoking Cessation Training (NCSCT) has launched a new information leaflet. It contains simple and clear information on how to get into vaping as part of a switch away from smoking.

From the New Nicotine Alliance (NNA), the NCSCT leaflet is aimed at advising smokers how to “stay switched” using e-cigarettes. It is sub-titled “Advice for new vapers from old hands” and was produced in collaboration with the NNA, University of East Anglia and Cancer Research UK.

The two-page flyer offers many tips for new vapers as to how they can continue to enjoy safer nicotine use without the harm of combustion, covering topics such as experimenting with flavours, what to do when cravings get too strong, and correcting false assumptions about frequency of use. You can view and download the flier here.

The NNA says: “The document reflects the experiences of seasoned vapers who have all been through the same journey that we hope many other smokers might successfully negotiate after reading this advice. It will be distributed to stop smoking services around the country and we were pleased to be able to lend a hand, however ‘old’ we may be.”


The leaflet includes a link to the E-cigarette Trajectories team at the University of East Anglia for those wanting more in depth information. This is probably something the authors may wish to change in future leaflets as the information contain on the website is hard to access and some of it is irrelevant to current smokers – although the page does host a good video debunking some of the myths surrounding vaping.

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