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Posted 1st June 2018 by Dave Cross
This week, Reynolds Tobacco is reported to be funding the fight against the San Francisco flavour ban to the tune of $12 million. In Pakistan, it’s reported that there’s a surge in teen vaping in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. A Kuwaiti drug dealer has been arrested for ecigs that don’t contain drugs. So he isn’t a drug dealer. In the UK, vapers are being told ‘don’t vape and drive’ while the Doozy Vape Co gets listed in Asda.

As San Francisco approaches a crucial vote on a ban on flavours in eliquids, it’s being reported that the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company is funding the “No on Proposition E” campaign to the tune of $12-million.

Disinformation and lies have been thrown at the residents of San Francisco by the likes of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids – the “No on Proposition E” campaign faces an uphill battle on June 5th. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has underwritten the ‘Yes campaign with a $2-million donation.

The stupidity of University of California San Francisco professors who support the ban is mirrored at the Pakistan Institute of Health Sciences. “There is increasing dual use of combustible tobacco and picking up e-cigarettes, and they don’t quit combustible tobacco they use both simultaneously,” said Dr Wasim Khawaja.

Khawaja continued a little diatribe about the numerous nicotine studies that say the compound affects the heart, reproductive system, lungs and kidney and (he laughably proclaims) contributes to lung and other cancers and diabetes. Khawaja missed out on adding that nicotine also causes the air pollution in Karachi, water pollution in the Punjab and the noise pollution in Karachi.

A lack of ability to appreciate simple facts also occurred in Kuwait. It’s been reported that a man was arrested in Fintas for using drugs. The substance in question was revealed to be an electronic cigarette containing cannabis-flavoured eliquid. So, not marijuana at all. The vaper squealed under interrogation that led to the arrest of a vendor – and the confiscation of 69 vape pens and 300 cigarettes.

The Sussex Road Policing Unit isn’t quite at the level of the Kuwait security forces. On the subject of vaping and driving, Sergeant Carl Knapp said: “The smoke caused by vapes are a distraction and the consequences of them can be dire, all it takes is a moment to become distracted and potentially cause a crash and even worse, a fatality.”

“There are no laws prohibiting vaping, however, you need to be in full and proper control of your vehicle at all times. If you are going to vape I advise that you open your windows and blow the vapour directly out, just ensure that you are in full control of your vehicle before doing so.”

Also in the UK, it’s great news for the Doozy Vape Company. The Blackburn firm has managed to get its products listed in 46 Asda stores, and believes a national roll-out is imminent.

“It’s a proud moment in our journey,” said Imran Ismail CEO, “to introduce our product range to a national supermarket chain. Our products have a loyal following, and this partnership with Asda provides the perfect platform to showcase our products and reach out to many more vapers across the country.”

 Dave Cross
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