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Posted 4th April 2018 by Dave Cross
A clarion call has gone out to the vaping community to help with the collation of evidence. The FDA is consulting on the subject of flavours in eliquids, and it could impact the future for American vapers. A study involving Konstantinos Farsalinos could help vapers around the world, not just those seeking to influence the FDA.

Jeff Stier is a former Senior Fellow at the National Centre for Public Policy Research in Washington, D.C., where he headed its Risk Analysis Division until 2017. He has testified at FDA scientific meetings, met with members of Congress and their staff about science policy, and submitted testimony to state and local government legislative hearings.

Jeff informed vapers: “The FDA wants to know whether ecig flavours help adults quit smoking. Did the FDA ask you? If not (or even if it did), here's your chance to share information in a format the FDA will have to consider:”

Dr. Konstantinos Poulas, Dr Georgios Lagoumitzis and Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos are carrying out this survey. The purpose of the online questionnaire is to examine the patterns of electronic cigarette use, focusing especially on the e-liquid flavours used and how they have affected the use of regular cigarettes. It is completely anonymous and is reckoned to take less than twenty minutes to complete.

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Stier goes on to add: “If this survey doesn't get a strong response from vapers with compelling personal stories, the FDA will have what it needs to ban flavours. Ball is in your court now.”

Vapers know how important a range of flavours are to the vaping experience, and the part that this plays in helping them to remain non-smokers. We are also very keen to share our experiences of vaping with the wider community – so why not load up your favourite juice, sit back for quarter of an hour, and let Poulas, Lagoumitzis & Farsalinos know all about your experiences.

Fill in the online survey here:

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