VApril Campaign Launched

Posted 31st March 2018 by Dave Cross
Last week we detailed the wonderful news that the VApril campaign was looming on the horizon and would be fronted by Doctor Christian Jessen. The campaign was officially launched on Thursday at the Houses of Parliament, and was covered by BBC’s Daily Politics show. They interviewed Doctor Christian and Mark Pawsey MP.

Greg Dawson, BBC reporter: “The campaign is aimed at smokers, and the idea is those who want to kick the habit - to get them to try one of these instead [holds ecig]. The campaigners say that if you vape it’s a lot safer (OK it’s not totally safe but its much better than smoking). And they want people in April, you can see why they’re calling it VApril, to try giving this a go instead of the cigarettes.”

“Now there is some medical backing for this, Dr Christian Jessen; you’re supporting this campaign, why do you think this is so important?”

Dr Christian Jessen, TV doctor and all-round great person: “The idea is essentially is to hopefully get people, Mr Farage for example, to consider vaping instead of smoking, because there are such clear and significant health benefits to doing so.”

“Public Health England has come forward in a recent report to say that it is 95% safer than smoking – and I think that speaks for itself. There are still 7 million people smoking in the UK and 40% of them haven’t even considered vaping as an alternative and healthier option.”

Pure Eliquids

Greg Dawson, BBC: “Wouldn’t it be better to quit altogether though, rather than try another thing that’s going to give you a nicotine hit?”

Dr Christian Jessen, TVD&ARGP: “Have you ever tried? Do you smoke?”

Greg Dawson, BBC: “Me personally? No. But you can see what I mean, there are no health benefits to this are there.”

Dr Christian Jessen, TVD&ARGP: “Of course, the idea is all about choice. There are lots of options available to people: going cold turkey is one of them and people find it very difficult. And so offering them safer alternatives that work would be a far more useful option, which is what vaping is.”

The Electronic Cigarette Company

Smokers wanting to switch to vaping need to sign up for a free ticket at their nearest venue. Events will be taking place at vape stores in Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London & the South East and Newcastle.

The website has answers to some common concerns held by smokers.

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