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Posted 31st March 2018 by Dave Cross
Judge Vincent Del Giudice has been attacked for vaping while in charge of the murder trial of Daniel St. Hubert – now nicknamed “The Brooklyn Ripper”. Court workers say he has been doing it for a long time but nobody has commented.

Daniel St. Hubert was given the nickname “The Brooklyn Ripper” after he was indicted for killing a six-year old and nearly killing his 7-year old friend in a frenzied knife attack.

St. Hubert  claims: “I’m innocent, and these charges being brought against me is basically a setup placed on me by the law. These evil things that I’m going through, you know, it just tells me the devil is calling me. I don’t want the devil. I want God. I’m going through hell, you understand?”

While listening to this, Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Del Giudice pretends to stroke his white beard – but a telltale blue light in his closed palm alerted onlookers. A court worker is reported as saying: “Everybody knows about it, but nobody says anything.”

While most British vapers would struggle to see the issue with a sneaky bit of stealthy vaping, a 2017 New York law bans the use of electronic cigarettes inside buildings and public spaces where smoking is already banned.

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A lawyer not involved in this case has been quoted as commenting: “I wouldn’t ever think it’s appropriate to even do that in a public building, much less on the bench.” While a second added: “The only reason I never became a judge is because I can’t smoke my cigars on the bench.”

Should the judge be reported he faces the prospect of a fine of up to $2,000 (just under £1,500). Do you think it’s appropriate for a judge to be vaping on the job? Does it make a difference that it is a serious murder trial?

 Dave Cross
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