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Posted 20th February 2018 by Dave Cross
Universities have banded together to say that they will refuse money from the new Derek Yach harm reduction foundation. Vapers numbered among the 5,000 people arrested in the Philippines, and a couple were nicked for breaking Thailand’s new vape ban. Another vaper is dead after police confused his mod with a gun, the UK is investigating vape shop roles in helping smokers quit, and Ducati might be linked with smokeless products in MotoGP.

Harvard and Johns Hopkins number among the seventeen universities who have declared their intention to refuse any research cash from Derek Yach’s pro vape foundation. They object to Philip Morris pumping $1 billion into it – presumably because the cash they get from Big Pharma is so much cleaner.

Harvard’s Karen Emmons said: “The idea of taking money that’s from the tobacco industry is just antithetical to everything we do. Philip Morris in particular has focused very hard to undermine the strategies that we know will reduce smoking rates.” So, damning today’s smokers for Big T’s sins yesterday.

Over 5,000 people were arrested in Muntinlupa, Philippines, for a multitude of sins last year. Out of the 5,569 busted, 1,237 were smokers and vapers who had breached the new restrictions on where they are allowed to enjoy nicotine. Quite a few – but not as many as the 1,600 who were picked up for not abiding by the semi-nude laws.

An elderly couple from Israel have discovered that when Thailand bans vaping it means it. They found themselves having to pay a fine of over £850 for “possessing an e-cigarette”. With such OTT measures, it’s not surprising that voices demanding common sense are getting louder, calling the actions “a crime without victims”.

Frankie Anchondo may have been driving erratically, might have had a woman hanging out of his passenger window, but probably didn’t expect to be shot dead for swearing. Police mistook his vape device for a gun and took instant action, and have now released a video to support their side of events.

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Leicester is linked with vaping again as university researchers begin looking at how vape shops can help to support smokers quit. They write: “shops provided a commercial environment, adapting to legislative changes to ensure easy access to value products. Vape shops can provide effective behavioural support to quitters which could, in partnership with health professionals, be capitalised on for the purpose of maintaining smoking abstinence.”

Lastly, according to Autosport, Ducati broke with Marlboro as a sponsor in 2010, but maintained a close relationship with owners Philip Morris (through ties with the Ferrari Formula 1 set up). A deal is expected to be sign within the next couple of weeks, that will see the IQOS brand appear on the company’s machines for the 2018 MotoGP.

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