School Toilet Ban

Posted 15th February 2018 by Dave Cross
While the highest levels of American administration are considering relaxing the regulations applicable to vaping (and have delayed the implementation of a costly measure), school administrators are continuing to wage a war against vaping. Jonathan Law High School, located in Milford, Connecticut, has taken measures to a ridiculous level by closing bathrooms to students.

Recently, we reported that American schools are bordering on the hysterical when it comes to discovering kids vaping. Local media isn’t helping; giving coverage to children being caught with vape devices in the same way they would if a mass-murderer had been apprehended.

Sandburg Student Caught Vaping in Locker Room,” cried a recent headline. Just imagine if our local papers reported every incident of a student having a smoke behind a portacabin classroom or bus stop. The Bernards and Bridgewater-Raritan school districts in New Jersey has taken to labelling teen vapers ‘drug users, automatically suspecting them of using devices for cannabis, and instantly banning those caught for three days – and reporting them to the police.

In an incredible move, Jonathan Law High School has taken the decision to shut down all bar one set of bathrooms. School principal Fran Thompson wrote on her ‘Fran Calls’ school webpage: “Due to a continued increase in bathroom issues – vaping, socializing and some vandalism — the staff will be more closely monitoring the bathrooms at Jonathan Law. The only bathrooms that will be open will be in the new gym foyer and there will be a teacher on hall duty there. As well, there will be a student sign-in sheet. There will be signs on the other bathrooms to direct students to the open bathrooms.”

“This has caused some students hesitation to use the restrooms. Students and parents have requested that we do something to address these issues. The layout of our school presents a challenge in monitoring bathroom usage due to their locations on either end of the hallway. So, in order to monitor the bathrooms, we had to consolidate the bathrooms that are open.”

One parent was quick to respond: “Students are only allowed to use one bathroom now located in a far section of the school. How crazy is that? Is this really the proper procedure to take? What if a child feels ill, or for whatever reason needs quick access to a bathroom? This is not going to solve the issues at hand.”


The details about bathroom closures was swiftly removed from the Jonathan Law High School website, but it remains unclear if the policy is still in place. Jonathan Law High School was approached for comment but has yet to reply.

 Dave Cross
Article by Dave Cross
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