Fake Ecig Mouth Cancer Fear

Posted 27th December 2017 by Dave Cross
Some may raise their eyebrows in disbelief when they read the details presented by Doctors Nguyen, Kitzmiller, Nguyen, Nguyen and Chi Bui. In a comprehensively not-comprehensive-at-all study, they take a couple of random Vietnamese men at face value and believe everything they’re told. See if you can spot the flaws…

“Many [vape devices] are commercial manufactured to look like conventional cigarettes or cigars,” the learned doctors write, in Oral Carcinoma Associated with Chronic Use of Electronic Cigarettes, “but some are manufactured to resemble everyday items.” They state that some are disguised as pens – but that sofa you’re sitting on could well be another vape device, those cunning designers!

They then explain: “vapour has been found to contain varying amounts of heavy metals (Nickel, Tin, Silver, Aluminum, Mercury and Chromium) as well as carbonyls and other organic volatile compounds”, citing a study from a list that includes a very one-sided approach to information gathering. It even includes a paper from Stanton Glantz, so you can see they aren’t interested in facts.

“In both cases,” the team explain, “[the two patient’s] use of E-cigarettes began in 2003 and continued for more than 10 years.” The pair vaped like wild men, one stating he “smoked 30 E-cigarettes per day for the past 13 years.

Two tiny points, so many problems: In 2003 there were no commercially available electronic cigarettes, Hon Lik was busy designing the first one. There was absolutely no retail vape business in Vietnam in 2003 – or 2013 for that matter. People do not smoke ecigs, nor (given that tanks vary in size and have changed over the years, plus no nicotine level was cited) do they vape “30 per day”. The language being used is that of people unfamiliar with the subject and determined to paint vaping as being identical to smoking.

Patient No.1 was a similar piece of work, he’d been doing that vape smoking thing for “20 times per day for past 13 years”. His weight loss and cancer diagnosis could only be down to one thing – the vapes! Patient No.2 had a “9-month history of a non-healing ulceration of the lower lip.” Prognosis? Cancer. Cause? Another horrific attack of the killer vapes.

It’s not the doctors perverting the findings. Oh no, the patients themselves said they’d never smoked, drunk alcohol, eaten betel leaves or had any mouth infections caused by any other normal vector (fungi, virus, bacteria) that blight us all at one point in time or other. No, they’d never ever done any of those things – but had decided to take up heavy vaping months before any products were available for no other reason than…actually, this bit isn’t clear either.

It’s likely that you are very worried now, the good doctors have some advise for you: “Patients seeking smoking cessation should consider approved nicotine replacement delivers products (gums, patches, lozenges) instead of the use of E-cigarettes.”

They conclude: “Tobacco cigarette smoking is a known risk for cancers, including oral cancer. Patients and clinicians (physicians, dentist and nurses) need to be aware that the use of electronic-cigarettes (E-cigarettes) or other electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) may also be associated with an increased risk of oral cancer.”

The team say “further investigation is warranted,” and we agree. Somebody needs to find out how they can get away with fiction like this without dying of laughter.

 Dave Cross
Article by Dave Cross
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