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Posted 6th October 2017 by Dave Cross
The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is after your opinions on smoking cessation interventions and services. Given their latest contribution to the ecig debate (in being critical of evidence supporting vaping) we would suggest you take them up on their offer.

As detailed in another article this week, NICE has issued new guidelines to state that NHS patients should be told about lack of studies supporting the use of electronic cigarettes. The organisation says patients should be steered towards traditional quit methods (such as patches and inhalers) together with behavioural support, and warned there “is currently little evidence on the long-term benefits or harms of these products.”

The New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) says: “The draft guidelines are concerned with stop smoking interventions in community settings and include recommendations on e-cigarettes. This guidance will have a huge influence on the advice which health practitioners give regarding e-cigarettes, so it’s crucial for vapers to make their views known.”

The first step is to register your organisation (if you represent one) or contact your stakeholder organisation if you are an individual vaper. NICE claim to have a page of stakeholder organisations, but it hasn’t been working for most of this week.

The NNA come to the rescue: “Unfortunately, the consultation is open to registered stakeholders only. If you would like to comment on the consultation but are not eligible then NICE recommends you contact the stakeholder organisation that most closely represents your interests.”

“NNA is a stakeholder so if you are a vaper and would like to comment please pass your comments to us. We will synthesise and summarise the comments we receive, in our response to the consultation. Please make your comments brief and send them to us by 12 October 2017, to give us time to prepare our response.”

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The next step is to read the consultation documents.

The Draft guideline “Smoking cessation interventions and services – NICE Guideline” can be read and printed off by clicking on the link. The NICE page detailing the full process can be found here. All comments relayed to the NNA must related to the draft document and not your general thoughts about vaping. The other two documents are the Evidence review and the Guideline appendices.

You can submit your comments to the NNA by email, at [email protected] - place “NICE” as the email subject to help them deal with your contribution. If you wish to make a written submission, the organisation’s mailing address is:

New Nicotine Alliance (UK)
8 Northumberland Avenue
United Kingdom

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