Racist Vaper Causes a Commotion

Posted 3rd October 2017 by Dave Cross
Whether they were vapers or not, everyone was appalled by the actions of a drunk woman as she abused takeaway staff in a late-night foul-mouthed tirade. The vape community will not welcome the actions that place ecigs in a bad light, and rebukes were swift to follow.

What appeared to be the end of a big night out ended in embarrassment for a Scouse woman and her male partner. Clearly the worse for wear, the couple were waiting for their order to be completed when she began to vape by the counter. What happened next brings shame on the vaping community at large.

She continued to blow clouds by the counter and made to grab something from near the till. The sound quality is muffled on the video of the incident but she can be heard to tell members of staff “he's in my country, not his”.

The clip was uploaded to the kebab shop’s Facebook account, and also was on Aleck Jardin’s, the abused employee. The staff simply hoped to spread some understanding of the kind of things they have to suffer. The kebab shop was nominated as the best takeaway outside London in 2015 and 2014.

Cihan Erdogan told the Liverpool Echo: “She tried to grab something behind the till, a piece of paper or a pen, and I told her not to. We said ‘please just ask us, we can give you whatever you want’ and she was saying, ‘This is my own country - this is mine, you are foreign, you can't say that to me’.”

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Mr Erdogan is the owner of Medo Kebab House, he added: “I'm 42 years old and I've been in this country almost 23 years now, so most of my life I've spent here and I've been serving Southport people most of my life. When the credit crunch started I almost went bankrupt and my parents sold their house in Turkey and paid the money into my business here.”

“I work very hard, like 15 to 18 hour days sometimes - it's very hard to pay bills and everybody thinks foreign people come here to take money and take benefits but it's not like that. I came to the UK when I was young and since then I've never taken benefits.”

It didn’t take long for regulars to recognise a person they’d either met before or were friends with – at which point staff at Medo Kebab House were stunned when police turned up to take their statements. The vaping racist has reported them for publishing the video online!


Mr Erdogan continued: “She has reported us to the police because we put a video of her up online. But by law, I should have a camera in my shop. We didn’t want to go to the police, but now she has, we have also complained.”

Scousers flooded the local paper with expressions of their disgust and outrage; comments were made like “We don’t want trash like HER in our country” and “Who’s raising these ignorant racists? We are all taught from an early age about equality and diversity - actions like this make me embarrassed to be British.”

The identified woman is a fan of Wayne Rooney, Katie Price and Posh Spice. Also, she likes Deliveroo, which is fortunate, as she will need them for future late-night food orders. She is not representative of Britons or vapers, and should return to the store to make a full and frank apology.


Facebook – Aleck Jardin

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Facebook – Medo Kebab House

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