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Posted 2nd August 2017 by Dave Cross
The government’s new tobacco control plan sees vaping as playing a major part in further reducing rates of smoking, and Northamptonshire is already taking a leading role. Local vape store Island Vape UK has formed a partnership with the National Health Service to deliver quit advice, as well as carbon monoxide monitoring and support as part of a four-week quit program.

Island Vape UK is proof that the future for vape is very positive indeed. Despite the changes and costs brought about by the Tobacco Products Directive, due to on-going growth in business, the enterprise is looking for its third change of premises in three years. From a small location above a (locally) famous carpet store to a thriving pair of shops, Island Vape UK is now looking to take on a warehouse with more storage facilities and office space.

The growth isn’t purely down to ecigs thriving or the welcome ambiance of a shop where customers are encouraged to spend time vaping and chatting; the link forged with the local Northamptonshire NHS is testament to a broader view of the company’s role. More than just supplying a wide range of juice and equipment to local vapers and web customers, Island Vape UK is now championing vaping as an alternative to smoking by offering an NHS four-week quit program.

The bellwether for vaping has to be the way the NHS has embraced vaping. The company’s manager, Dean, told Planet of the Vapes: “It’s massive. We believe that not only will switching to vaping save lives, but it will mean that the NHS have to spend less money on treatments for tobacco-related diseases.”

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How did the company set about becoming a resource for current smokers?

“We saw that there was an option for us to do this,” continued Dean, “and reached out to the guys. They came to visit us, and then three of us went on a course. We learnt how to do it all – and even had to take tests, which we all passed and obtained our certification. Then somebody from the NHS visited the shop to deliver all of the equipment.”

The service that staff offer is open to current smokers, new vapers and vapers who are still duel fuelling (smoking as well as vaping). They can go into the store to have their carbon monoxide levels checked. Also, people taking part in the program can receive a free bottle of juice and discounts on equipment as an extra incentive to make the switch.

“After four weeks, we invite them back into the store to see the drop in the carbon monoxide level,” Dean added. “They can see (that vaping) is doing them some good.”

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In the week preceding POTV’s visit, the store had assisted thirty smokers on their first steps to a tobacco-free future, because “that’s the main aim for all of this: getting people off the fags.”

Taking smoking-harm reduction out of the sterile surroundings of an NHS building and placing it into welcoming vape stores like Island Vape UK is an outstanding move.

“If you know anyone looking to quit, pop into one of our stores and one of our trained staff members can answer your questions, take your reading and help getting you started to a smoke free life”, Island Vape UK can be found at 20 Wellingborough Road, Northampton and at the Billing Garden Village.

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