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Posted 6th July 2017 by Dave Cross
There’s no doubt about it, vaping continues to be talked about the world over. The media is flooded with stories relating to vaping, campaigners, research and vapers. The Washington Examiner and ACSH argue for common sense, the Vaping Congressman is back, Sony has reasons to be fearful, the TPD might be shifting and Polosa lifts a gong.

“If marijuana isn’t a gateway drug, neither are e-Cigarettes,” according to the Association for Science and Health (ACSH). They liken the treatment of vaping with that of the soft drug in the process of being legalised (bit by bit) across the United States. “If a person who uses hard drugs first started with marijuana, that does not mean that marijuana caused him to use those hard drugs. Just because A precedes B does not mean that it can be concluded that A caused B. This is a logical fallacy known as post hoc ergo propter hoc. And somebody needs to tell the CDC about it.”

ACSH don’t hold for one second that vaping is a gateway to smoking, there’s no evidence for it. Maybe a few decades ago the powers that be could continue to get away with such smears, but “people are smarter than you think” so says the Washington Examiner. The article expresses fears from other industries that they may be targeted next. Products such as wine, soft drinks, and snack foods might fall under the boot of the well-intentioned public health zealots.

Of course, Duncan the Vaping Congressman Hunter is waging his battle to try to block them. And he’s also on a mission to upset as many people in congress as possible, as he took to puffing on his ecig once again. It was part of his demonstration to illustrate the glaring flaws in Eleanor Norton’s proposals in an aviation bill. But, by one vote, he lost the day and ignorance won again.

The word ‘ignorant’ probably features high in the minds of Sony executives as they contemplate a law case being brought against the company. Thomas Masters blames Sony because they made a battery that vented in his pocket. Of course, vapers would question what possessed someone to store a battery loosely in a pocket containing keys and coins. His case claims the cells manufactured by Sony are “dangerous owing to the fact that they had no protective circuitry or internal temperature control”.

So, to this side of the Atlantic: “The MHRA [Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency] is not amused at some of the loopholes, which have emerged since the TPD came into law,” writes the Vaping Post. The article claims the MHRA plan on cracking down on what was initially described as ‘light-touch regulation’.

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But ending on a happy note: Ricardo Polosa, harm reduction activist, expert scientist and all-round good bloke, received the INNCO Global Award at the Global Forum for Nicotine in Poland. The award is one given to those who have made major contributions in the field of tobacco harm reduction. “I am very happy to have received this award,” Polosa said. “Millions of smokers are quitting and the research in this field shows that the reduced risk alternatives to smoking can save millions of lives. We are promoters of a health revolution that will defeat smoking and save people.”

 Dave Cross
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