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Posted 4th March 2017 by Dave Cross
It is always great news to hear of businesses setting up and adding to the vape community. Likewise, local media carrying positive stories about electronic cigarettes is to be welcomed. It’s a tale of positivity that might be feeding into people spending less on traditional tobacco. But the industry faces challenges with new restrictions on advertising, and it wouldn’t be a week in vaping without someone using the wrong charger and causing a battery to vent.

New Premises

Planet of the Vapes would like to wish Cloud 57 the best of luck as they open a new vape lounge in West Bridgford, Nottingham. Natalie Fisher is quoted as saying: “We are very excited to be opening our second Nottingham premises here in West Bridgford! We are looking forward to bringing something a little different to the table and we hope that our new and existing customers enjoy the industrial boutique atmosphere. Cloud 57 Vape lounge will be opening on the 11th March and we will be celebrating by offering 10% off all stock and all customers that our new to vaping a free e-cig starter kit.”

Good News

Vaping has made it into the Plymouth Herald too. In an extensive piece, the newspaper covers the benefits of vaping in such a positive light it’s almost as though they’ve forgotten the media doesn’t do that.

Karen Griffiths, owner of Your Vapour, told the Herald: “I had severe asthma and its really improved since I started vaping five years ago. I used to use my inhaler up to 20 times a day, now I use it on average twice. I've seen lots of people come in and its given them a new lease of life - the guilt of smoking goes.”

The Flavour Vapour café have similar tales to tell; improved health, both theirs and the customers. While those who want to see vaping banned will never accept these anecdotal tales, it all makes for compelling reading and is bound to change some minds on the South West coast – and it’s all thanks to Dr Lion Shahab’s study we covered last week. It’s worth reading the full article even though you might not live in Plymouth. Maybe worth sharing on social media too?



Let’s be honest, given the incredible level of negative coverage vaping has received over the last couple of years it’s amazing anybody is still motivated to use it to quit smoking. The latest study by the Office of National Statistics shows that spending on traditional tobacco products continues to drop. Over the last seventeen years, households have dropped from spending £20 to £11.40 a week on alcohol and tobacco.


Will the spending continue to drop next year? The challenges facing vape companies include a requirement to meet new advertising legislation. The Committee of Advertising Practice has produced an update for confused business owners.


But every silver lining has a cloud, and this week’s big dark sun blotter is provided by Charlotte Bellis. Rather than use the charger that came with her device, Charlotte bought a Chinese-made charger from B&M for £17.99.

“I had literally been plugged in for five minutes when it caught fire,” she explained. “I just panicked and pulled it out. At first it was like a sparkler and then there was a flame. My eldest son was in the car with me and I was worried.”

“Luckily there was no damage to the car because we pulled it out straight away,” she continued. “It could have been a different story if it had been plugged in at home and I hadn’t been there.”

E-Liquids Superstore

How could this have been avoided? The box says it’s certified by Apple for the love of flip. Aha, this is how: “Power adaptors used for charging e-cigarettes should comply with The Electrical (Safety) Equipment Regulations 1994 and The Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations 2006. It is recommended that only the battery and charger provided with the e-cigarette are used when charging,” said someone from the fire service. As they do every time this happens. As do we.

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