New Year – New Opportunity

Posted 9th January 2017 by Dave Cross
Each year people make resolutions on how they are going to improve their lives over the coming twelve months. Every January, around 30-40% of smokers vow that this will be the year they kick the habit. The tens of thousands of members on the Planet of the Vapes forum is evidence that vaping is an enjoyable and workable route away from tobacco.

About 10-million UK adults still class themselves as smokers and although many try to quit each year, stopping smoking remains one of the most broken New Year’s resolutions simply because it is very difficult.

It is worth persisting with finding a solution that works though, as according to The Telegraph: “The scary stats are that half of all smokers are eventually killed by their addiction from smoking-related causes. Not to mention that smoking is the cause of over one third of respiratory deaths, over one quarter of cancer deaths, and about one-seventh of cardiovascular disease deaths.”

The physical addiction to the nicotine wrapped up in the blanket of cigarette toxins is a powerful anchor preventing smokers from saying goodbye. And then there’s the psychological addiction to the act of smoking, for example: after a meal, following sex or with a drink.

This is where vaping can help. Many people fail each year using traditional nicotine replacement products but vaping delivers nicotine in a way that closely resembles smoking – but is at least 95% safer according to the Royal College of Physicians and Public Health England.

The journey, via vape

  • Eight hours in: Carbon monoxide levels fall in the bloodstream
  • 24 hours in: Carbon monoxide is gone from your blood stream. Coughing will be dislodging mucus from your lungs.
  • After a week: Senses of taste and smell are beginning to improve and breathing will be noticeably easier.
  • After four months: Your circulation will have improved, coughing will have subsided and lung function will be improving.
  • This time next year: The risk of a smoking-related heart attack is cut by 50% and you will have saved a considerable amount of money.

It is possible that you have read information casting doubt on the safety of vaping. The pharmaceutical industry has been exceptionally active in encouraging people to speak out against electronic cigarettes because people preferred them to nicotine patches and gum. Also, as tobacco companies saw a possible new market, people ideologically opposed to them campaigned to stop ecigs too.

There is a strong belief in the United Kingdom that vaping offers a way to reduce harm from the dangers of smoking. Enlightened researchers, doctors and advocates all believe that vaping works as a cigarette substitute, offers far less risk to health and (in the longer term) is easier to quit from altogether due to the lack of cigarette toxins. The NHS advises everyone looking to quit to take advantage of their free counseling services to improve chances of quitting successfully.

If you would like help on any vaping matter then why not ask our many forum members? None of these people are employed by pharmaceutical or tobacco companies – they just share a passion for a product that helped them to change their lives.

 Dave Cross
Article by Dave Cross
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