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Knocking the Ecig Critics

The media actually carry stories attacking anti-ecig zealots.

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Like a snowball rolling downhill, the gangs of anti-ecig zealots have been increasingly successful at gaining coverage during 2016. Fortunately for vaping, certain sections of the media are more than happy to give coverage to writing that kicks back.

Philip Morris has been working hard at getting publicity for their new heated tobacco product. But, as gleefully pointed out by investor website Motley Fool: “these devices can only be readily introduced in international markets since the FDA virtually shut off new product introduction in the U.S. with implementation of its so-called deeming rules, which "deemed" electronic cigarettes to be the same as combustible ones even though they don't contain tobacco.”

For years the anti-ecig lobby have mistakenly accused the market of being dominated by Big Tobacco as they demanded legislation. Now, this is exactly the prospect that they will be facing up to in 2017 – they created the thing they feared the most. The Fool continues: “The iQOS is going through a two-phase approval process. The first step is getting the e-cig device approved for sale in the U.S., while the second part will be to earn the iQOS a reduced-risk product label. It's that portion of the process that will let Philip Morris own the U.S. e-cig market and virtually stub out the competition.”

The New York Post also slams the stupidity that lies behind the anti-vaping crusade, when they say that young adults “can vote, join the military, own firearms, even hold public office. But in large parts of the nation they can’t hold a cigarette.”

The paper notes that most of the States taking an “increasingly Puritanical approach” to smoking and vaping are the misnomered Democratic ones. It highlights the absence of evidence linking vaping to taking up smoking, and “if e-cigarettes are so much better for you than t-cigarettes, then why treat them like tobacco products — especially when other nicotine devices such as patches, gum and lozenges are not treated that way?”

It comes down to the fact that everybody who doesn’t have a vested interest in a pharmaceutical product is scared of making the wrong decision. They are relying on experts – but so many of the ones empowered by the state are on Big Pharma’s clock.

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has recently banned smoking from its subsidized public housing stock. In doing so, they also note that they are leaving the door open to ban vaping in the future – and invite local authorities to make that call. But, as Newswire highlights: “You either need to accept the fact that research indicates they are infinitely safer or you need to refute it. They [HUD] have, for all intents and purposes, done both in a single sentence.”

The Washington Post makes a similar point, with reference to the daft surgeon general statement: “the report repeatedly treats vaping products as just another form of tobacco — calling them a tobacco product — even though they do not contain tobacco and do not pose the same risks.”

The writer accuses the contributors to the report of placing the nation’s youth in direct and clear danger: “Reducing youth access to e-cigarettes appears to increase youth smoking rates.”

Why would people do that? Why would they make announcements or impose laws that increase harm? It’s simple, according to Michael Siegel, they are “lying for money.”

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